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When young student Suzon (Virginie Ledwin) returns home for the vacation, her father, Marcel (Dominic Lamorey), is found dead. Meanwhile, the property is cut off from the outside world by a constant blizzard, and so the women present, Mami (Daniel Dario) and her two daughters Gabe (Catherine Deneuve) and Augustine (Isabelle Hubert), daughter of the victim Catherine (Ludivine Sagnier), start the home cook Madame Chanel (Fermin Richard), maid Louise (Emmanuel Biart) and the sister of victim Beret (Fanny Ardant) arrive to discuss a possible murder.

Although one might imagine the family drama unhelpful due to its inflationary theses in the field of art, one should not allow oneself to be deceived by this supposed serenity. After all, it is family drama that is most likely to evoke the darkest part of an identity and is most likely to present the opportunity to reveal yourself as you are while at the same time letting go of it. After all, humanity’s greatest stories are always family stories, so to speak. Whether it is of a religious or dramatic nature as in Shakespeare or studies of existential character, the theme of the family is in fact something that runs as deeply as urgency and the eternal search for meaning and perhaps the meaning of love. Director and screenwriter Francois Ozon knew it too when he was in 2002 with him 8 women Theatrical conditioning Hoyt Fams Presented on screen by Robert Thomas. He managed, not least because of the wonderful script, to combine the best of French film. And you can say. Not only are all the actresses well-chosen from start to finish, but they also ensure the characters embodied appear very lively – albeit of course tacky – so the whole work has a certain weight and yet also an incredible lightness.

Not only does the film consider itself an actual comedy, but it also sees it as a kind of exaggeration that comically navigates back and forth between melodramas, musicals, thrillers, crime, and overarching social themes. One must actually believe that such a change in type can lead to some inconsistencies in the whole concept. After all, much depends on whether the viewer can still take seriously the painted world and its actors, even if they fulfill only certain styles, as is customary in dramas. At first you’d be surprised when the characters sing their feelings out of their body because you probably didn’t expect them that way. But Ozone easily managed to play up the expectations of its viewers without disappointing them. He knows that musicals are more loud and colorful than other genres, and so from moment to moment he unleashes a semi-independent style in film, which oddly corresponds to the overall action. He also knows that good crime novels eventually thrive on telling a tangled story full of intrigue, and so he gives a dark secret to all of his characters, though common stereotypes are used here as well. He also knows that the drama lives by their honesty and so he takes everything from the characters, making them seem relatively unapproachable to the viewer at first, just to bring out their true essence. He also knows that comedy lives on by pointy jokes in which the dialogues are actually sharp-tongued and wildly angry.

And that’s fun, because you associate a relatively blurry picture with the characters, and then they don’t have much to offer. However, the acting is exactly that 8 women Make it very convincing. Both Catherine Deneuve was a lukewarm yet gorgeous wife. Whether it was Isabelle Huppert, who initially appeared as a quiet satirist with her transparent, tasteless comments. Be it Emmanuel Biart, who radiates pure strength with her dazzling beauty and swipes on her side. In any case, it was the battles between the characters that turned out to be a real masterpiece. Then, not least because of the different social status, a very clear classic also appears, according to the blood and financial status play an important role. One might convince oneself that our society today is still focused on social progress and that questions of origin no longer play any role. However, even those who may not necessarily be white and wealthy know that this ideology is subject to a naive and completely unrealistic worldview. You must be able to afford the tuition. But these rich people do not always necessarily have the greatest education or piety, which is well known, not least after the scandalous appearance of one or another prince of the British royal family.

Ozone hates this world and because of the pure concept of the movie he also seems to be Rian Johnson’s creative archetype in many respects Take out the knives (2019) to be. But like I said, family drama is not particularly innovative. Then a certain spirit also spreads in the play, since not only patriarchal structures are presented here, but the perception in relation to some characters is also characterized by strong prejudices. In this way, thoughts of incest, as it were, as well as early pregnancies, which may not correspond to the distorted image one wants to show, become part of the story. Unrequited love is also central to the film, thus showing scissors away from the amusing dialogues. Of course, one can also apply a different reading here, according to which the white man becomes the victim of pure circumstances through the greedy evil woman. But the sexual power expressed here is not only subject to the stigma generated by those interpretations, but also reveals classical models of marriage, according to which it also turns out to be pure purpose. Because what’s left is when the characters don’t feel like getting old together. Certainly times will change here too 8 women Fatal plays, because the 1950s were certainly not typical libertarian years. Here, too, Ozun dares to displease the viewer by depicting themes such as sexual duality or sanity from different points of view, so to speak, thus also establishing a corrupt moral concept in this regard.

The ironic side comes to light when the frivolous act turns into the actual verb. It is no longer important, then, whether the process has any deeper meaning so long as those who are not tolerated particularly well are harmed. Plus, Ozone’s work is incredibly well filmed, with the action spinning his decadent characters into highly simplified, semi-ironic scenes through excessive clothing and lighting. The fact that the film never loses its connection with reality, although exaggerated, becomes clear when it shows how much this society actually builds on appearances. This demonstrates that the infinitesimal matter must largely come to an end and that the characters simply lost any sense of their existence due to their habits. In this way, the force corrupted the characters so that they could no longer comprehend that they had nothing.

It will be very easy to get in 8 women Read conservative sexism in it, but it would still do François Ozon’s job unfairly, because the story’s focus is on characters, some of whom are completely unrealistic. The story easily blends individual genres without losing focus on character study. Actresses are also memorialized here, as the work also knows how to influence in this regard and subtly reveals social grievances.

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