Elden Ring: Unlock the horse, summon and how Stormwind works

This is Stormwind Horse in the Elden Ring And with it your wreck to travel long distances in the intermediate lands.

The question of how to unlock it can surely upset you a bit if you are not familiar with the gameplay. Then the controls or how to fight from a horse, all the questions we explain in this section

Elden Ring is Software’s first game with a completely open world – there’s even a world map – so there’s no harm in reducing the time it takes to travel long distances. Escape from powerful enemies is also faster by running than on foot, and you can fight on horseback, even against the bosses in the open air. This is where Stormwind comes in, for you Ross at Elden Ring.

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How to unlock the horse in the Elden ring

Stormwind on the Elden Ring isn’t accessible from the start, but it doesn’t last very long either. Once you’ve finished the tutorial and gotten to Limgrave, keep an eye out for Grace Places. These are save points, similar to beacons in Dark Souls.

To unlock the horse, you must have three active grace spots and rest at least a third of them. It does not matter which place Grace is third (eg before the ruins in Stormgate). Important: they should be in the other world, not in a cave or in the catacombs or anything like that.

Appears at rest Melinaone of the important characters and at the same time the lady of the highest level in the Elden Ring, which opens the settlement and where the acquired runes can be invested in upgrading the level.

You must rest on the Elden Ring a few times before you can get to the horse.

She also gives you Spectral horse whistle, from which the horse can be summoned. This works in most places in the other world, apart from a few areas where the stand is locked, such as dungeons or dungeons along the way. Wherever the developers planned to be on your own.

To summon a horse, place the spectral horse whistle on one of the four hotkeys so you always have it close at hand. To do this, open the menu, go to the “Bag” on the right and put the whistle on one of the arrow keys.

In the game, you then have to hold down Triangle or Y and use the corresponding arrow key to point at Stormwind. This works much easier and faster than switching to the whistle using the down arrow key every time.

For instructions on how to do a horse “on the farm,” read on in the next section.

How does Stormwind work in Elden Ring

Once you unlock the horse, you won’t want to take it off anymore, only to shorten your hikes. With the help of a horse, I’m much more mobile than I’m used to from Soft games. Given the size of the game world, you’ll appreciate it.

First of all, it is very nice that after using the whistle, you can immediately ride and ride the Spectral Horse (no long animations beforehand).

Double jump helps with exploration and in more difficult places like this one.

In addition to increasing the horse’s basic speed with the enemy button, the animal also masters one double jump. Exploration opens up a lot of vertical opportunities, and dodging powerful enemies can be faster (for example, you can make quick changes in direction by jumping, dragging the stick and jumping again).

Try the exploration abilities associated with horses jumping on some ruins, walls, or lower buildings. You can use it to access all locations within Stormwind’s jumping capabilities. In this way you will discover many, many mysteries that cannot be solved without a reliable carriage horse.

Use Stormwind in battle

Stormwind can also be used in combat. From horseback, you can use melee and long-range weapons, and even cast spells, taking Elden Ring combat to a new level.

Try it on smaller enemies to warm up, then try the giants on Storm Hill. With a horse, you are much faster when turning around the opponent, which means that it is possible to get a higher chain of strikes in general (especially from the back).

The horse makes you faster in the Elden Ring and can also be used in battle.

Difficult encounters can be simplified this way, like Tree Warden in Limgrave or Flying Dragon Agheel (both of which double as a kind of tutorial for complex boss fights, if you will).

In addition, you are briefly vulnerable when zeroing and auto-installing. Try it on a giant. Stand in front of it, wait for it to swing, then call Stormwind. For the few tires it takes to touch it, the Giant can’t beat you.

Control the horse in battle

Movement (running, jogging, dribbling, and jumping) uses the same keys as walking. Attacking from horseback has some advanced options:

  • R1 / RB: Attacks on the right side of the horse with the equipped weapon.
  • L1/lb: Attacks on the left side of the horse with the equipped weapon.
  • R2 / RT: Allows your character to drag the equipped weapon across the ground to the right of the horse to launch a heavy attack (great against groups of enemies that are easy to “penetrate”).
  • L2 / LT: Allows your character to drag the equipped weapon across the ground to the horse’s left and launch a heavy attack.

And if the horse was killed?

Storm winds may be ethereal, but they are not invulnerable. The animal is damaged in battle when injured and may die. This also applies to damage from falling too far (apart from the springs with air currents they can jump into without injuring themselves).

And no, it is not possible to fall from a great height with a horse, to take the momentum with a double jump just before the ground and “save” yourself. That doesn’t work and Stormwind dies anyway – by the way with the rider, so it’s better to leave him alone.

Don’t worry, you can recover your trusted installation using the following two methods:

  • Rest in a place of grace…
  • …or shoot it again with the whistle, which consumes a bottle of Crimson Tears (the game then asks if you really want to do that, which is annoying in a boss fight but unfortunately can’t help you).

Now that we know how Stormwind works, how a monster can be used for exploration, and how it can make combat easier for you, get out there and hunt giants out of the saddle.

For more help with the Elden Ring, see Elden Ring – Tips for Beginners. Also useful: locations of stone sword keys and map fragments. If you are looking for powerful allies, it makes sense to look for Ash. For more leverage, we recommend weapon sites.

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