Ferrero recall in Germany: Factory closures – investigations in Belgium

cases of salmonella

Ferrero recall: production halted at the Belgian plant

Updated: 04/08/2022 19:08

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What started as a suspicion is certain: Salmonella was found in a Belgian factory belonging to confectionery giant Ferrero.

  • Ferrero, the maker of Kinder chocolate, had to withdraw products
  • The recall affects many federal states and other countries
  • Ferrero was called because of the salmonella outbreak
  • The manufacturer had to close a factory in Belgium

Because cases of salmonella In many countries, the giant confectionery company Ferrero produces in one country factory Stop in Belgium at the moment. Afsca’s supervisory body announced on Friday that it would revoke the production license for the Arlon plant as a result of investigations. Ferrero The statement said that I did not provide sufficient information in the investigation. In the middle of important Easter work, all products must be withdrawn from the factory, regardless of their production date.

According to the Afsca announcement, all Kinder Surprise, Kinder Mini Eggs, Kinder Surprise Maxi and Schoko-Bons made in Arlon were all affected. Afsca has also required all distributors to withdraw related products from retail outlets. The Arlon factory may only reopen after all food safety rules and requirements have been met.

As early as December, Ferrero learned of a case of salmonella at the plant that had been of interest to food authorities for several days. This stems from a connection from Ferrero France in Luxembourg.

Salmonella: Ferrero loses Belgian factory license

According to the announcement, on December 15, salmonella was discovered in a refinery at the exit of two raw material tanks at the Arlon site. Then the products made from it were discontinued. Ferrero said the filter has been replaced and controls for work-in-progress and finished products have been increased.

The announcement does not explain why Ferrero was not recalling products already in circulation at the time. In the past few days, the company has recalled products from its Baby Candy line in several countries — now also in the United States, according to a company announcement made by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday (local time).

The German market has also been affected by recalls in the past few days, including a selection of surprise baby eggs and chocolate cakes for children as well as some Easter items.

“Ferrero is deeply saddened by what has happened,” the company’s headquarters in Alba, Italy’s Piedmont region, said in a statement. After the accident, everything possible is done to ensure that the trust of customers is not lost.

Belgian authorities revoke Ferrero’s license for the time being

At the same time, the company announced that, as in other countries, it would also take back those sweets in Italy that were made at the factory in Belgium. She added that there have been no cases of salmonella linked to Ferrero products in Italy.

In Germany the regions of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony, Saarland, Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein are affected, as mentioned in the online portal operated by the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and called for food safety and federal states.

In addition to Germany, several other European countries and Australia were affected. Great Britain, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden were also affected.

In Israel, Ferrero also mentions several baby products as a strict precaution. However, there have been no reports of salmonella contamination so far, the local health ministry announced on Wednesday. Ferrero did something similar in Sweden. In the Scandinavian country, too, many chocolate products have now been recalled as a precaution, the company wrote on the Swedish Ferrero children’s website. A possible link to the reported cases is being investigated – even if baby products put on the market haven’t tested positive for salmonella.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Ferrero has also launched a voluntary recall of some groups of baby products that are made in Belgium. So far, nothing has been reported in these countries about specific cases of suspected salmonella.

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What products are affected by Ferrero?

As Ferrero announced on Tuesday, the company voluntarily decided on behalf of precautionary A recall in Germany was expanded on Wednesday. Many children’s sweets are affected – many of them are related to Easter. The portal published a press release from Ferrero. Accordingly, the following products are withdrawn:

  • Kinder Surprise 3 Pack (3 x 20g) Classic Eggs, best before 10.04.-21.06.2022
  • Kinder Surprise 3 Pack (3 x 20g) Pink Egg, preferably before 10.04.-21.06.2022
  • Children’s Chocolate Cake (125g, 200g, 300g, 200g + 25g free, 300g + 50g free, 350g, 500g), MDHD 28.05.-28.08.2022
  • White Baby Chocolate (200g), preferably before 31.05.-29.09.2022
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Classic Egg (100g), best before 21.08.2022
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Pink Egg (200g), best before 21.08.2022
  • Kinder Mini Eggs with Hazelnut (100 gm) Prefer before 21.08.2022
  • Kinder Mini Cocoa Eggs (100gm), Best Before 21.08.2022
  • Kinder Mini Eggs Kinder Schokolade (100g), best before 21.08.2022
  • Kinder Mix Colored Mix (132 gm), MHD 08/21/2022
  • Baby Mixed Basket (86g), MHD 21.08.2022
  • Children’s Mixed Bag (193g), MHD 21.08.2022
  • Happy Moments for Kids (162g), MHD 28.05.-28.08.2022
  • Kinder Happy Moments Mini Mix – Greetings Edition (162g), best before 28.05.-28.08.2022
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Egg Smurfs (100 g), best before 19.08.-18.09.2022
  • Mini Mix Eggs for Kids (250g), MHD 21.08.2022.00
  • Kids Maxi Mix Plush (133g), Best Before 21.08.2022
  • Kinder Surprise Egg Pack of 4 (4x20g), best before 21.08.2022

All articles have been uploaded Ferrero Made in Belgium. So far, none of the baby products that have been put on the market have been tested positive for salmonella. There are also no complaints from consumers. “Not all other Ferrero products, including other children’s products, are affected by this cautionary recall,” the company’s press release reads.

Calling Ferrero: Salmonella species in France, UK and Ireland

According to the European Financial Supervisory Authority and the ECDC, Great Britain is the hardest hit, accounting for nearly half of all salmonella infections reported to date. The first case was discovered there on January 7. In Germany, four confirmed and three suspected cases were known.

The European Financial Supervisory Authority and ECDC said the outbreak was characterized by an unusually high proportion of children requiring hospitalization. Some had severe symptoms such as bloody diarrhoea. Some chocolate products have been identified as a potential route of infection.


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