Johnny Depp NFT: Non-fungible tokens just for the masses or a return guarantee?

It’s not just tech geeks or crypto buffs who have developed flair and deal with irreplaceable tokens. Because NFTs in particular have the potential to revolutionize the art market. With non-fungible tokens, the next stage of digital transformation could be imminent. The art market becomes accessible to all. Designers can create their own NFTs and hope they are in high demand. Of course, this is easier for celebrities who already have a large fan community. With Johnny Depp, one of the best and most famous actors around the world is a supporter of NFT. The NFT project “Never Be Afraid of the Truth” aims to provide added value to its fans. But can these NFTs live up to their claim? Are Johnny Depp NFTs only suitable for the masses or can they also generate an above average return?

What are Johnny Depp NFTs?

If you delve into Johnny Depp NFTs, you’ll come across the Never Fear Truth collection created by Johnny Depp himself. 10,000 Johnny Depp NFTs are made available for sale free of charge. There are also 1,111 non-fungible tokens for his team and closest fans. Johnny Depp creates images of friends, role models and family and turns them into irreplaceable digital tokens. These are based on the Ethereum blockchain. At the same time, Johnny Depp’s goal of his NFTs is to establish a close connection with the community and bring social icons to life with digital art. Following the success of NFT Minting for Johnny Depp NFTs, they can now be traded on Rarible or OpenSea.

Johnny Depp: Passionate Artists

Art has always played an important role in Johnny Depp’s life. Before he started acting and music, it was all about his creative streak. However, passionate artist Johnny Depp never revealed his artwork to the public – even Johnny Depp NFTs from the Never Fear Truth group. He dedicates these to his close friends and heroes who know Johnny Depp well or who have inspired him. The NFT images are based on photographs of the individuals mentioned. Pictures of Johnny Depp can be classified in the style of pop art and street art. Distinctive images combined with the graphic simplicity of pop art clearly reflect the spirit of the times.

Various non-fungible value-added tokens

At the heart of Johnny Depp NFTs is the art of the actor. If you purchase a non-fungible token from the Never Fear Truth collection, you’ll get both digital and physical artwork if you’re willing to pay for production and delivery costs. In addition, there is access to the American actor’s own Discord community, where future NFT owners should wait for more added value about the Metaverse. Owners of NFTs #1, #11, #111, and #1111 should be especially happy. Because they can send a picture of Johnny Depp of their choice, and then he does it in the appropriate style.

Through his NFT project, Johnny Depp wants to create a platform to make his own art accessible to the public. At the same time, an active community must use NFTs as a communication medium on the blockchain. It will be interesting to know what added value awaits Johnny Depp’s most loyal fan.

25% for good reasons

However, Johnny Depp NFTs also serve a good cause. 25% of proceeds from NFT sales are donated to charitable organizations. He has chosen many organizations such as Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Charitable Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, Heath Ledger, Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, and others.

That’s why Johnny Depp NFTs may explode in value soon!

If you look at Never Fear Truth Johnny Depp NFTs in Rarible or OpenSea, you will find several thousand non-fungible icons to choose from. The minimum price for Rarible is currently $774, and OpenSea is in a similar range. While the trading volume for the latter, the leading NFT platform is 1,000 ether, Rarible Johnny Depp has already traded NFTs worth over $2.8 million. The total market capitalization here is $3 million. Basically, it seems that the development of a clearly positive value is possible here – after all, it is about images from the actor’s legend pen.

At the same time, the project is constantly developing. The next drop with Phase 2 should happen soon. The primary added value of Johnny Depp NFTs can be another price driver.

NFTs with Potential: Lucky Block NFTs with Real Benefits!

Johnny Depp NFTs have real value with the opportunity to become part of a community or even get physical. True value NFTs are easier to evaluate and have a lower potential for downside. That’s why we want to take a look at another new NFT version with capabilities, which also offers a wide range of real advantages.

The Lucky Block NFTs from “The Platinum Rollers Club” are the first non-fungible tokens from the innovative crypto lottery. Anyone who decides to purchase Lucky Block NFTs on the new NFT Launch Pad will benefit from many advantages. The primary use case is lifetime participation in the NFT lottery, which takes place daily and has a chance of winning 1 in 10,000. In addition, after the (potential) sale soon, there will be a lottery on a Lamborghini worth more than 300 thousand euros and 1 million US dollars. The officials at Lucky Block want to go up in marketing in the near future. This provides an opportunity for increased demand and higher value.

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