Let’s Dance 2022 Today on April 8th: Love is in the Air! These dances are now in the seventh live show

At the seventh live show of “Let’s Dance” on Friday, April 8, couples are challenged twice: In Love Week, there are not only romantic singles dances, but the jury’s dance to the plan, the preview reveals.

At the seventh live show of “Let’s Dance” 2022, Sarah Mangionni and Vadim Garbuzov will also dance for the jury and audience – twice.
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There is love in the air! It may be several weeks since Valentine’s Day, but”let’s go dancingIt’s the seventh live show, which takes place on April 8, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on RTL, and talks about romance and butterflies in your stomach. The show’s tagline is ‘Love Week’ — but Love Week is accompanied by an extra challenge: the eight dancing couples that aren’t Eliminate them after not only have to prove themselves in solo dances, but also face a challenge in jury team dances.

Dance action in a double package at “Let’s Dance” on Show 7 before the mandatory break on Good Friday

Friday night’s focused dance power comes just in time: After the seventh show, “Let’s Dance” stars and professionals have a week to catch their breath. On April 15, 2022, there will be no dancing on Let’s Dance due to the Good Friday holiday and ban related to dancing. The dancing couples will only return to a regular show on April 22, 2022 — albeit in fatal shape, because on Friday evening at Show 7, another dancing couple will have to leave the show.

Who Dances What These are the solo dances of “Let’s Dance” at Show 7 on April 8, 2022

Who will make the decision to vacate this time around will be revealed live on RTL Friday night – but before that there will be dancing until the soles of the shoes are smoking! All eight dance couples practice sophisticated choreography for their individual dances in order to impress both the jury and the television audience. In addition to waltzing, rumba, and Charleston, Show 7 also features jeff, tango, and salsa.

Waltz and Jeff in Double Pack for Princess Bucher, Timor Ulker, Mathias Meester and Mike Singer

Two versions of the waltz can be enjoyed on Friday evening: once a slow waltz Princess Boucher And Massimo Senato For the song “Say Something” by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, once in the form of a Vienna waltz, performed by Timur Ulker And Malika Dzumayev On the sounds of “Sex on Fire” by the Kings of Lyon.

As is known, jeff dances not three or four times like a waltz, but four to four times – and this is also represented twice on Friday evening in the seventh live show of “Let’s Dance”. Not only Matthias Meister And Renata Lucin He will succumb to the song “Everybody Needs Somebody” written by the Blues Brothers too Mike Singer And Christina Aviation Practice “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars. Which one will be better received by the jury and in the public vote?

Rumba and Tango by Bastian Bellendorfer and Rene Caselli, Janine Ullman Charleston dances, Sarah Mangionni serving salsa

when Bastian Bellendorfer And Ekaterina Leonova Conquer the “Let’s Dance” with rumba Friday night To the sounds of Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You,” the temperature in the studio should have raised a few degrees. Tango by Rene Caselli and Katherine Menzinger To “Assassin’s Tango” by John Powell.

A fast-paced mix of lively dance steps and a show of talent awaits fans of “Let’s Dance” in Charleston, Janine Ullman And Zault Sandor Czech Prepared for “Bei mir bist du schön” by the Andrews Sisters. And then there will be Sarah Mangyun And Vadim Garbuzovwho want to score as many jury points with a cheeky sauce for Luis Fonsi’s “Two Amours.”

The jury team dances to “Let’s Dance”: Who are the coaches and who dances what?

It has become a great tradition at Let’s Dance that the three jurors assemble the individual candidates into teams and teach them the jurors’ team dances in additional training. At the seventh show on April 8th, the secret will be revealed as to who dances in which team and which steps are shown. Of course we have a little preview for all “Let’s Dance” fans and reveal the jury dances that audiences can look forward to on Friday night.

in a team Mutsi Mabus We have Rene Caselli and Mathias Meester with their dancing partners Katherine Menzinger And Renata Lucin I had private freestyle training for a variety of Michael Buble songs. Converting to Joachim Lampe In the meantime Bastian Bellendorfer And Ekaterina LeonovaAnd Princess Boucher And Massimo Senato Like Mike Singer And Christina Aviation Learn free dance steps to a collection of songs by Dieter Thomas Kuhn. That leaves Sarah Mangionni and Vadim Garbuzov, Timur Ulker And Malika Dzumayev as well Janine Ullman The Zolte Sandor Czeki – The Three Pairs of Team George Gonzalez They got Carlos Gardel and Perez Prado songs on their ears and a special song George Gonzalez Do a free-feet choreography.

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