ÖFB jumps on the hype: Austrian footballers available as NFT | 10/03/22

The Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) has entered the business of the NFT: fans can now purchase the NFT of five members each from the Austrian women’s and men’s national team. According to ÖFB, NFTs are not traditional trading cards, but rather good things associated with real achievements.

• The Austrian Football Association publishes 810 NFTs, each with five players from national teams

• The method of payment for ÖFB-NFTs is cryptocurrency ether

• If the project is very popular, there will be more NFTs in October

Fans can now buy NFTs for David Alaba, Marko Arnautovic, Laura Versinger, Manuela Zinsberger and three other players from the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) – the club announced this in a press release and on a website published specifically for the new NFT group in .

ÖFB-NFTs are associated with services that are not otherwise available

In the sports sector NFTs are usually some kind of trading card – according to ÖFB, however, they do not follow this trend. Futurezone quotes Simon-Peter Chamzara, ÖFB Project Manager, as follows: “We want to use the best NFT noise elements in our show. We have moved away from digital collecting cards. We don’t see NFTs as commodities, but you want to provide fan services what you normally can’t buy it.”

According to the ÖFB website of the NFTs, these services are, for example, fan packages, regular free participation in ticket raffles, meet-and-greet vouchers with individual players or a training session with an ÖFB coach. According to the terms and conditions, the benefits obtained by individual players can be redeemed as long as the person concerned is a member of the national team. The ÖFB contains the Basic, Premium, Rare and Unique NFT categories, with more NFTs in the ‘Basic’ category (50 NFTs per player) than in the ‘Unique’ category (one NFT per player).

Reselling unique ÖFB NFTs may be attractive

According to Chamzara’s statement that NFTs are not commodities, ÖFB does not offer its own platform for reselling NFTs. However, it is still possible – Chamzara tells Futurezone: “This probably won’t be the case for basic NFTs, but it would be attractive for unique NFTs.” Although only one of each NFT is unique, the service associated with it is not unique, but can initially be redeemed multiple times until the end of 2026 under certain conditions.

Potential customers don’t know which NFTs they will get before buying

According to the project’s ÖFB website, there are a total of 810 NFTs, 50 of which are for marketing purposes and business partner Ahoi Käpptn! are reserved. The auction was announced on March 3 at 7:04 PM, based on the founding date of ÖFB. The site states that fans can purchase up to ten NFTs from this time. The special feature: The NFTs, which each cost 0.08 ETH (equivalent to around €200) plus transaction fees, are allocated randomly – so interested parties have no influence on the NFTs they purchase. In a looming video from ÖFB, it was announced that this would not be revealed until a few days after the sale date.

If the project is well received by fans, ÖFB wants to offer new NFTs to other players for sale – according to the ÖFB website for NFTs as early as October this year. An extension of the relevant benefit redemption period will be announced by the end of 2025.

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