Personal liability insurance: How to properly insure your children


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  • Insurance for children unable to commit a crime costs an average of six euros more
  • Private liability insurance protects against financial damage in the event of damage
  • YouGov survey: One in five people does not have private liability insurance

Parents are not responsible for harm caused to a child who is ineligible to commit a crime. Children under the age of seven are incapable of committing a crime, and this applies to children under the age of ten in road traffic. Parents must only pay damages if they violate the duty of supervision. This means that the affected parties – often relatives or acquaintances – are left in doubt. If consumers insure incapable of harm children in private liability insurance (PHV), this pays, even if there is no legal liability claim.

Protection for children who are unable to commit a crime is available to a public health vet for an average of an additional six euros. 1) A family with two children can get good private liability insurance for just under 40€ per year, which includes this protection. 2)

“Parents with young children should check their liability insurance to see if it also covers children who are incapable of committing crimes.”says Lorenz Baker, managing director of personal liability insurance at CHECK24. “The tariff unit is not expensive and protects against conflicts with friends or relatives in case of a claim.”

YouGov survey: One in five people does not have private liability insurance

Private liability insurance protects against financial damage in the event of negligence. Anyone who causes harm to others shall be liable to an unlimited extent with all of their assets.

However, every fifth person does not have this basic insurance protection. This was the result of a representative survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of CHECK24. The question “Do you have private liability insurance?” 75.6 percent answered “yes”. Nearly 20 percent answered “no” and about 5 percent did not know or did not want to provide any information. 3)

Customer service: free consultation and contract management in the customer’s digital account

If you have any questions about personal liability insurance, CHECK24 insurance experts will advise you in person by phone, chat or email. In addition, CHECK24 customers are supported around the clock by our chatbot on many service matters. In their Personal Insurance Center, clients manage their insurance contracts – no matter who they contract with. You can take advantage of automatic rate and service checks and you can easily improve your insurance coverage and save at the same time.


2)Family Profile: Policy holder aged 45 and spouse plus two children (seven and four), living to rent in 10117 Berlin, minimum coverage €20 million, non-deductible, with bad debts covered, courtesy compensation, annual payments, non-deductible children Also able to insure against damage, key damage (private and professional foreign keys)

3)Source: YouGov. The data used is based on an online survey conducted by YouGov Deutschland GmbH on behalf of CHECK24, with 2,145 respondents participating between 28.1. And 31.1.222 participated. The results are weighted and representative of the German population aged 18 years and over.


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