Sleep: What role does love play in our sleep at night?

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Does a relationship make us snooze better?
That’s how important love is for a good night’s sleep

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What does good or bad sleep have to do with love? a lot! Read.

When you are in love, you have butterflies in your stomach. This also affects sleep. But how is it later in the relationship: does love also affect our sleep?

Do you think of only one thing when it comes to relationships and bedrooms? Congratulations, that says a lot about your existence as a couple! However, even in partnerships, the bed is not only for pleasure, but also for its true purpose, which is sleep. And in this context, too, the better half is a good fit. Then How important is love for a good sleepGuaranteed to be underestimated by most…

How much love affects sleep

Sleep researcher Dr. Hans Günther Weiss found that there is a relationship between sleep and marital behavior and partner satisfaction. For example, it has been scientifically proven that the feeling of love deprives you of sleep. A study led by Professor Dr. Angelika Schlarb, Head of the Sleep Clinic and Sleep Laboratory at Bielefeld University, was able to show this. 630 young people were asked about love, awareness, sleep quality and dreams. The result: the lovers suffered more from sleep problems. Teens with coccomycosis experience significantly lower quality of sleep, more negative dreams, and more nightmares. “Infatuation and pleasure are sleep thieves,” says Professor Angelica Schlarp. “Love can indeed become a nightmare.”

And what about adults? As mentioned on the Simple Healthy Sleep page, the first stage of falling in love has less and less impact on the quality and behavior of men’s sleep as they age. However, the effect of falling in love on women’s wellness and sleep patterns increases with age. The following applies to both men and women in adulthood: Those who are unhappy in love have more trouble sleeping and sleeping through the night, sleeping is not really restful. Women are affected more often. Lack of sleep, in turn, stresses people out and can make them sick, and even depressed, in the long run. A vicious cycle, because once this stage is reached, it also affects sleep.

Stress is a poison to sleep – relationships protect from it

A long-term study conducted by the University of Minnesota in the US found that people in a good and stable relationship in their twenties sleep relatively better and are healthier ten years later. According to the researchers, the exact reason for this cannot be determined – however, they assume stress is a major factor – and vice versa, the fact that stress plays a much smaller role in good relationships.

According to study author Chloe Hoelsnitz, it’s clear that attention, emotional closeness, honesty, and trust in a relationship make people sleep better—factors like loneliness, but also financial hardship, which can be more difficult to deal with alone than with a couple, can lead to an increased likelihood of stress.

Sleeping together in bed: the body is more restless, but the brain is not

Finally, a German study found that REM sleep, which is very important for emotional stability, was longer and more stable in couples who slept together in the same bed, reported. To do this, researchers led by Henning Drews from the Center for Integrative Psychiatry at Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel analyzed the sleep behavior of couples when they sleep together and separately.

It turns out that while sleeping with a partner is characterized by a little more movement, this fact apparently does not correlate with lower sleep quality. Conversely: if the couple slept together in the same bed, the associated person had decreased rapid eye movements, and REM sleep lasted an average of 10% longer than if the test subjects spent the night alone. “You could say that while the body is a little more restless when you sleep together, the brain is not,” Drews said.

You can read more about the study here.

You can read more about studying in the United States, also in English, here.


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