The horse is pulled and kicked behind a tractor

Updated March 25, 2022

This is what happened to the horse Sunny after being abused

Soon after the horrific scenes seen in the videos, Sunny was incredibly lucky. A horse lover saw the assaulted horse and quickly fell in love with her. Some musculoskeletal disorders have been treated in veterinary clinics. But it also suffers permanent damage. But in her new life with loving care and communication with fellow species, she can leave her traumatic experiences behind and live a happy horse life.”

Sunny has been taken over by a friend who is tending a horse.

Original text on March 16, 2022

In March 2021, whistleblowers sent us videos from PETA Germany documenting cruelty to animals on horseback: In the videos, a person in charge of a horse farm in the Main-Tauber area pulls a struggling horse behind a tractor. In the second video, the man vigorously kicked the horse with his stimuli several times in an attempt to “break it”.

We filed a criminal complaint for cruelty to animals due to the videos – in February 2022 the Prosecutor’s Office in Mosbach filed charges against the accused.

Storming a horse by force and hurting the tractor

Animal lovers can report animal cruelty to us using our whistleblower form. In March 2021, we received videos showing abuse on the farm. The video, which appears to be from 2019, shows the horse being pulled behind a tractor. The animal shows pronounced defensive reactions, including pronounced reining. A second video shows a man trying to ‘break into’ the same horse in the riding arena – painfully kicking his wings multiple times with the spurs.

According to the whistleblower, the horses on the “horse farm” are regularly mistreated by the responsible person and are “trained” in animal protections.

broken horse
The video shows an attempt to “break in” the horse.

Prosecutors file animal cruelty charges after PETA complaint

Immediately after the videos were submitted in March 2021, we filed a criminal complaint. Fortunately, action is now being taken: the prosecutor in Mosbach announced in February 2022 that the person in charge of the horse farm in the county of Maine Tauber would be charged with cruelty to animals.

Since horses often suffer in silence, it is important not to look away and report the abuse of horses used for recreational purposes. We demand tougher penalties for animal abusers than the judiciary in order to better protect horses from human abuse.

Everyday abuse outside of equestrian sports too

Cruelty to animals – this also includes abuse and exploitation of horses – doesn’t just happen in “professional equestrian sports”. Even in the entertainment sector, horses have to endure animal cruelty over and over again when they are kept or ‘trained’. These are no exceptions, but they are a common suffering suffered by many horses and which are often defenseless.

In order to be able to “ride” horses, animals often incur pain during training with aids that interfere with the animal’s welfare – this interferes with proper handling of the horses. Their resistance to riding or putting on a saddle or bridle must be broken by inflicting pain and using aids that are inconsistent with animal welfare. Since the body of flying animals is very sensitive, incorrect “breaking in” can cause serious physical problems. If animals are improperly or deliberately ‘trained’ in violent methods, this can cause physical and psychological problems that horses will suffer throughout their lives.

A person sitting on a horse with a whip and jumping on shoes
Any discipline with the crop, spurs, or bridle can cause pain to the horse.

In addition, there is often psychological stress: horses are very social creatures, but they usually have to spend their lives in solitude and without regular exercise in the stalls. In order to make animals docile and earn money with them as “goods”, some keepers will stop at nothing. Animals are pushed to maximum performance – if this is not the case, then violence and coercion will be used. Often this is noticeable by behavioral disturbances, which ordinary people often go unnoticed and therefore go unnoticed – horses suffer from this every day.

Every day we receive reports from PETA Germany about horses being kept inappropriately or about mistreatment outside of what is known as the equestrian sport, which shows these abuses time and time again.

Appeal to Horse Lovers: Positive Activity Instead of Riding

Horses need a lot of attention, and their needs should definitely be taken care of and respected. In the modern world, horses should be able to live a life appropriate to their species – without suffering, coercion and pressure.

We wish every horse lover: Inside, a relationship with horses that is characterized by trust and respect is built not through riding, but rather through positive activities such as shared ground work, walking and playful exercise. These are fun for humans and animals and create an intimate relationship at eye level. In addition, horse breeders, breeders and stable owners have a duty to enable horses to lead a life suitable for the species, not to lock them up alone, but to give them the opportunity to roam freely in pastures with other horses to be able to

person petting a horse
A horse needs adequate exercise and activity. The animal does not have to ride for this.

Help Animals – Report animal cruelty!

Please don’t look away if you witness cruelty to animals! You can find out everything that falls under cruelty to animals, how to act and report cruelty to animals here:

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