Up to 10 years: Easter gifts for kids: 5 ideas for boys and girls

up to 10 years
Easter gifts for kids: 5 ideas for boys and girls

What will the Easter bunny bring this year? Kids under 10 will be delighted with these 5 Easter basket gift ideas.

In addition to the classic Easter eggs painted in bright colors, children are also delighted with other surprises. A hidden nest in the garden usually has one or two new toys ready. Is the brainwave still missing? Little ones will be delighted with these 5 gift ideas – no matter if they’re boys or girls.

Easter heralds barbecue season: play barbecue parties for kids

Barbecue season begins with the first warm days of spring. This wooden model from Verbaudet is not only used by adults to demonstrate their skills as charcoal experts: by using tongs, meat, fish and vegetables are also used by children to experiment with the food that will be grilled.

  • Diameter: 31 x 31 cm
  • Height: 5 .49 cm
  • Material: Grill cover made of aluminum, the rest of the wood
  • 16 appendices: 2 barbecue skewers, barbecue tongs and wooden barbecue food

With this model, grilling outside in good weather is a pleasure. In order to enjoy the barbecue as long as possible, you should keep the wooden toy inside under rain, wind and cold.

Tonieboxes: Relax and listen to your favorite stories

Thrilling stories, action adventures or their favorite Disney movie audiobook: Kids love being transported to imaginary worlds through exciting stories. This is where the Toniebox comes in handy: simply place the correct shape on the cube and the audio device will play radio, audiobooks, and songs.

Tip: With the set included in the starter kit creative ringtones Parents and children can record and play their own stories. This is ideal if a youngster’s favorite story is not available as an audiobook or as the character Tony.

Tonieboxes are recommended for children aged three to five years – before little ones can read on their own. Older children also enjoy classic shows such as “The Lion King,” “The Little Prince,” or “The Ice Queen.”

Children’s book on the Easter Nest: “School of Magical Animals”.

Young intellectuals would probably rather stick their noses up in a real book than show their favorite story on Toniebox. The best-selling series “School of Magical Animals” allows children to immerse themselves in a fantasy world: because those who study at this school can find a very special friend.

The first volume tells about the beginnings of a magical pet store and the friendships that developed between talking animals and smart students. With short chapters and numerous illustrations, the book is ideal for novice readers of eight years and older. Good news if you liked the story: There are now eight volumes, a spin-off series and even an adaptation.

There are more reading tips for children’s books here: Reading Materials: The Best Children’s Books for Young Readers

Easter board games: fun for the whole family

For many, Easter is also a family celebration. Anyone who finds a board game in their Easter nest can immediately try it out after lunch together! Together or against each other – these games guarantee fun for young and old:

  • Tapikékoi: This game trains memory and powers of observation: together you have to discover the things that the thief (another player) stole from the house. The memory-like game is suitable for two to four players aged five and over.
  • Dragomino It has been voted Children’s Toy of 2021 and lets kids go on trips to a mysterious island. Two to four players, five and older, use the domino principle to search for dragon eggs, which they must hatch over the course of the game. There are points for every kid that hatches – and the most successful kite finder wins.

Easter Lego Sets: Fun and Games with Merch Worlds

Blocks are a great way for kids to unleash their imaginations. With Lego, Cobi, BlueBrixx & Co. They create their own creations – the variations and play options are almost endless. Especially great for little ones: building sets that refer to movies, series or books! Merchandise items from Super Mario, Ice Queen or Harry Potter will make fans’ hearts beat faster who don’t find them all too fun once assembled. There is something for every gender and age in playgroups large and small.


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Children are happy with these gifts for Easter

Finding the right Easter gift for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter can often be difficult. Interests – depending on age – are different and can change quickly. Little ones will get their money’s worth with these 5 gift ideas – and they can try the new game right after Easter brunch. n-tv.de wishes you a Happy Easter!

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