5 special dogs and cats: these pets desperately need homes

5 special dogs and cats: these pets desperately need homes

By Frederic Hauer

Munich – Do you have a vacancy? These dogs and cats ended up in an animal shelter and are now looking for a new home with loving visitors.

These dogs and cats are waiting for new owners at the Munich Animal Shelter. © Editing: Tierheim Munchen (5)

The animal shelter in Munich is home to thousands of animals – from dogs and cats to many small animals.

Some can quickly find a new home, others wait years for loving owners.

All the animals featured here have a special story, but that doesn’t mean they deserve less love and care.

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The placement process at home has changed as a result of the Corona crisis. Visitors are no longer allowed to enter the site without an appointment.

So placements are made by arrangement on the phone.

Fixed telephone times are provided for advice, inquiries and appointments: The kennels can usually be reached daily from 1 pm to 4 pm.

You can find more information on the home page: www.tierschutzverein-muenchen.de.

Speedy hangover

The European shorthair cat Speedy was born around April 2019. Because of his sometimes ruthless nature, he became too much for his owners and ended up at the animal shelter in Munich. He’s now waiting for a second chance here.

Here you can read >>> the full story of Speedy.

You can find out everything else in the cat house at the animal shelter, by arranging on the phone: 08992100036.

Spidey hangover.

Spidey hangover. © Animal Shelter Munich

Mongrel Tommy

Male Mixed Tommy was born in September 2019 and has not been neutered. He was taken to the shelter because he was bitten.

Confident and people-oriented Tommy loves ball games more than anything, but because he is so involved in play it takes special care not to get out of high spirits.

Since it brings a lot of mood and happiness to movement, the playful and athletic male should be physically and mentally exhausted with adequate alternative activities. It is conditionally compatible with the selectors.

Tommy is looking for a family – ideally with a house and garden – who can lead him constantly and already have experience. Tommy will definitely do well with older, more responsible kids.

If you are interested in Tommy, contact kennel 2 on the phone: 08992100020.

Mongrel Tommy.

Mongrel Tommy. © Animal Shelter Munich

Lina’s cat

Kat Lina is a short-haired European lady who was born in 2006. She was delivered to the shelter because her owners were inundated with her. She was also adopted before and returned to the orphanage because of her own personality.

Lena is a very independent and stubborn cat who does not always seek physical contact, but she is very free in her exercise area. After a long time, Lena trusts her close relatives and then also enjoys her cuddling sessions. However, she clearly shows when the situation is too much for her or when she does not agree with something.

It is not suitable for beginners because it places high demands on its future home. Despite her idiosyncrasies, Lena should find a cute home with feline connoisseurs with a talent for personal kitties.

You can find out everything else at Katzenhaus EG on the phone: 0899210000825.

Lina's cat.

Lina’s cat. © Animal Shelter Munich

Border Collie Vasco

Barely a year old, Border Collie Vasco hasn’t had it easy in life. The dog was born in August 2020, and later ended up in an animal shelter in Munich because his previous owners indulged him.

Here you can read >>> Vasco’s entire story.

If you are interested in Vasco, please contact Hundehaus 2 of the animal shelter in Munich at: 089/92100020.

Border Collie Vasco.

Border Collie Vasco. © Animal Shelter Munich

Mongrel Lola

Lola of mixed dogs came to the shelter in March 2021 because she attacked strangers. Lola has a shoulder height of 47 cm and a weight of 15 kg. She was born in 2018 and has not been neutered.

A bitch trusts and obeys people she knows. She is a docile companion and at times funny. She is friendly and cheerful with her peers. It fascinates by nature associated with people and loved, but should also be used entirely in sports.

Unfortunately, previous mediation attempts failed due to its territorial behaviour. In certain situations, Lola is insecure and stands up for the people she trusts. She tends to overreact when she encounters runners and bikes.

New owners should already have experience and attend a good dog school with them. She still has to learn to be alone. Children should not live in Lola’s new home.

If you are interested in Lola, please contact Dog House 4 by phone: 08992100056.

Mongrel Lola.

Mongrel Lola. © Animal Shelter Munich

Mediation is currently taking place at the Munich Animal Shelter by phone arrangement.

There are fixed telephone times for consultations, inquiries and appointments: The kennels can be reached daily from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Cover photo: Montage: Animal Shelter Munich (5)

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