5 tips for daily walking with the dog

Dogs love and need physical and mental activity. With daily walks, you can make optimal use of your four-legged friend. Find out here what your animal companion especially values ​​while walking together and what you should pay attention to.

By following these five tips, going for a walk will be fun for both humans and animals

1. Respect and tolerance

Consideration is important – towards animals and humans. Watch out for those signals What a dog gives through his body language: Is one case too much for him? Does he feel threatened by other people or his four-legged friends? Then it is advised to shelter your four-legged friend and stressful situation together Leaves. Show your dog that he can count on you, and that you can recognize threatening situations, take them seriously and resolve them.

  • Call your dog when you meet other people – regardless of whether or not they have an animal companion with them. There are people who are unsure about dealing with dogs or even afraid. Even between dogs, not all contact is required. Many four-legged friends have had bad experiences, do not get along with certain people or are overwhelmed by confrontation with other four-legged friends. So always talk to the person opposite you before allowing the dogs to confront each other, and also respect the “no” from your peer.
  • Secure your dog on the streets and in awkward places and trails with a leash attached to a doggie harness.
  • Remove the dog’s droppings.

With observance of behavior Help ensure that there are as few complications as possible when your dog encounters other organisms. This way, your four-legged friend will feel that he can count on you and that you can take control of difficult situations together. Additionally, your forward-looking behavior contributes to a positive image of dog owners in public.

dog leash
Take the time to understand your dog, even if the body language of four-legged friends can sometimes seem complicated.

2. Dogs love to run free

Most dogs like to be able to move freely – to sniff, run, and take impressions of nature. they can stress reduction, playing with certain species, communicating and satisfying their running needs. Give your animal friend the opportunity to follow this natural behavior. However, you must ensure that your four-legged friend is not in danger when he runs free, that he can be called back without exception and that free running in the respective location does not violate any legal requirements.

Dogs that cannot be safely called must walk on seat belts and leash. For these four-legged friends, a trip to a dog fence track is often recommended.

Anyone who sees the joy of a dog running free will be delighted – guaranteed!

3. Spend time together

The relationship between humans and dogs requires a lot of time together: space adventuresfor subscribers exercises and for hug hoursWhen a dog needs a cuddle. become like this stability and attachment built and expanded.

Walks for dogs Highlights It should at least several times three times a day take place. This deepens the relationship between a man and a dog, and the four-legged friend can meet his friends, gain new impressions and live his usual dog-like behavior. Dogs are happy to be with people, so the mobile phone should be put away during this time and the four-legged friend should be the center of attention.

Customize the hiking trails to suit the needs of your furry friend. Ask yourself if your four-legged friend prefers walking the usual ways, is a restless or more adventurous dog, likes to hunt together or likes to play with other dogs. So you can enjoy precious moments together.

The person walking the dog
It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small: the dog needs daily exercise.

4. Learn from each other

When you meet your animal roommate Watch carefully، set of behaviors. They are highly social animals that form close bonds with humans and other living creatures.

The more time you spend with your dog, the more daily interactions you will have with each other. Every dog ​​is different and has its own individual characteristicsthat you should know. For walking, this means: You can learn from each other and be there for each other. Mutual understanding is the best basis for an intimate and friendly relationship between a dog and a human.

5. Dogs’ brain work

Dogs are intelligent and can smell and hear many times better than humans. So they have particularly good senses, they like to use them too. Therefore, give your roommate the opportunity to use these skills as often as possible. This not only challenges your dog physically, but mentally as well.

Many dogs spend alone time at home every day, and as such they need a balance:

  • Throw or hide the treats while walking and let the dog smell them. It is important to build up this exciting exercise slowly and gradually increase the searching distance.
  • If your dog likes to play with toys, they can also be used for search games.
  • Dogs love to search for people – great fun when you are out with the family.
  • Tricks learned when going for a walk can be called out and bring positive change. It also strengthens the bond between humans and animals.
Dog with a ball in his mouth
In addition to physical exertion, dogs must also have mental problems.

The dog does not want to walk: what helps?

There can be various reasons why a dog does not want to go on their important daily walks. For example, some four-legged friends are sensitive to very cold and rainy weather or the extreme heat of summer. It could also be a frightened dog, or there is a medical reason that you should definitely check out.

If your dog refuses to move on or makes it clear that he’d rather go home, rather than force him to move on, find out the problem. Please always remember that your four-legged friend is communicating with you. Pay attention to his signs and behavior.

  • pain It can lead to dogs not wanting to exercise and prefer to take it easy. Even minor injuries, such as a sprain or a stone in the paw, can take away the joy of walking dogs. Check if the animal is suffering by gently patting its paw. In older animals, joint problems such as arthritis can also be a burden. If in doubt, visit a veterinary clinic to rule out serious injuries and illnesses and adapt the walk to the dog’s needs.
  • Weather: Many dogs are sensitive cold and wet. Small fur animals often freeze quickly and must be protected from the weather with appropriate dog clothing. Even when it’s very hot, you should take care of your four-legged friend. Choose shaded roads and try to go for a walk in the early morning or late evening when it’s not too hot. Be careful not to overload your four-legged friend in high temperatures.
  • boring: If your dog is lukewarm when walking and seems bored, you should More variety worry: practice tricksMerge cache– And hidden objectsTry it new ways Going out or doing things together trips with other dogs and people. Try to meet the preferences of your four-legged friend and find out what he enjoys and what is good for him.
  • Stress It is a catalyst for behavioral change. Try to reduce all stress factors so that your animal companion is more relaxed and can look forward to the daily walk again. Check the source of the stressful behavior and which situations frighten your four-legged friend. Can you work on it? It may make sense to consult a dog trainer for this.

In general, keep a close eye on your dog. If the animal is more Noticeable behavioral changes Appears, you should seek advice from a vet.

The dog looks scared while walking
Do not force your dog to continue. Find out why he refuses.

Adopt a Dog – Adopt Instead of Buying It!

Before adopting a dog, please find out everything you need to know about the needs of animals and the requirements of their living environment. Make sure the dog fits into your life, because four-legged friends need a lot of time and company with their family.

In animal shelters, many dogs of all ages and individual personalities are waiting for a second chance in life: if you want to give a dog a home, you should definitely go to an animal shelter and choose a new animal companion out of the four. Friends bound to happy hours together.

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