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Equestrian is a very popular sport in Germany. Here you will find an overview of all equestrian sports and some interesting numbers.

  • Equestrian sports include all sports practiced with horses.
  • Equestrian competitions are called tournaments.
  • Equestrian sports are divided into riding, driving, jumping, and basic chores.

subordinate Riding It is a very popular sport in Germany. Approximately 1.3 million horses and ponies (All information about local horses, breeds, pedigree, origin, number and species) live here. Almost all of them are used for recreation and sports. Between 10 and 15 percent of animals engage in high-performance sport. Many people practice equestrian sports all their lives. An estimated 3.9 million people in the Federal Republic describe themselves as knights. More than 1.2 million people exercise intensely. 78 percent of all riders are female. This is the result of a study conducted by Allensbach Market and Advertising Media Analysis from 2016. Germany has about 900,000 horse owners (as of 2018). Horses are among the noblest and most graceful animals in the world. Whether as a domestic horse, as a working animal or for sport – horses have their price. These are the most expensive breeds in the world.

Germany is a very large equestrian country. The German Equestrian Federation, i.e. the national umbrella organization for equestrian sports, is the largest equestrian sport organization in the world. The federation has approximately 690,000 members, making it the eighth largest federation in the German Olympic Sports Federation.

Horse: There are these equestrian sports

subordinate Riding Entry allowed Equestrian sports, driving sports, jumping and ground work to divide. Equestrian is the most popular sport with many Olympic disciplines. Unlike recreational sports, the contestant participates equestrian sport Active and affects his horse through certain movements. A special feature of equestrian sports is that there is no gender segregation. Even with animals there is no subdivision by breed and sex. There is a separation by size, in horses and ponies.

This is amazing equestrian sport There is:

  • RidingDressage is the basis for all riding disciplines and represents additional training and education for the horse, and dressage can be divided into three stages. The first stage is the breaking of the young horse, followed by the passage of the training scale. At the end there is the test, in which all known dressage lessons must be performed perfectly. Dressage is an Olympic discipline in the Grand Prix, Special Grand Prix, and Freestyle Grand Prix classes.
  • jump obstacles: This sport describes overcoming obstacles with a horse. A lot of dexterity, balancing skills and a sense of rhythm are required from the rider to get past the obstacles. The jockey’s biggest challenge is getting the horse to reach the obstacle in such a way that it can achieve the perfect trajectory when jumping. Show jumping is also Olympic.
Show jumping is one of the most popular equestrian sports. © Photo Alliance / d
  • It happened: This was called military discipline and is now also known as event organizing. The competition consists of dressage, jumping and cross country riding disciplines. This equestrian sport has its origins in the military. In addition to dressage and show jumping, competition is the third Olympic discipline.
  • chase ride: Riding fishing is riding in the fishing fields. Practicing pure equestrian sport, there is no hunting. Riding takes place on land with natural and created obstacles.
  • Endurance riding: As the name implies, what matters here is good stamina on the part of both the horse and the rider. There are different classes of endurance riding, from short distances up to 160 kilometers in length. During the race, the horses are checked regularly and allowed a heart rate of up to 64 beats per minute – otherwise the horse will be disqualified to avoid harm to the animal.
  • routing: A paced nature trail with a map and compass as a contest.
Horse racing combines dressage, jumping, and cross-country riding.
Horse racing combines dressage, jumping, and cross-country riding. © picture alliance / Maciej Kulczy
  • western riding: This system is based on the work of cowboys in the American Wild West. There are different disciplines with different levels of difficulty.
  • walking tests: These tests are a sport to assess the expression of horses.
  • technical ride: Artistic riding combines riding and acrobatics. Aerobic exercises are performed on a moving horse.
  • horse race: This includes sprint races and canter.
  • ride games: This category includes traditional equestrian games such as Buzkashi, Horseball, Mounted Games, Pato or Polo.

Other equestrian sports such as driving, jumping and ground work

when driving sport Describes horse-drawn vehicle driving in the broadest sense. Here are the specialties Dressage, obstacle driving and cross-country driving.

In the jump Gymnastics exercises are performed on the horse. There is a single, double and group vault. In addition to commitment, free style is also valued. Both together produce the final score.

to me Basis It includes all equestrian sports that are practiced from the ground, ie without horseback riding. Examples of this Circus lessons, dominance training or manual labor.

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