Dog in NRW: “A Special Emergency” – Border Collie Looking for Love

Dog in NRW: ‘Special emergency’ – staff can’t believe what this fur must have been through

The story of the dog Hanna is very cruel and sad

The story of the dog Hanna is very cruel and sad

Bitch Hanna from the animal shelter in Gelsenkirchen went through a horrific ordeal. Previous owners have badly abused the Kangal dog.

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In the movie Animals Looking for a Home, Troja from Düren Animals is looking for a new owner. But he has to bring a lot of love and patience, because Dog from NRW Played badly.

Troja secretly cuddles in the video she gave to animal shelter worker Anne. This is not an issue of course, because Bitch from NRW He was confiscated and he doesn’t trust everyone.

Dog in NRW: Saved Border Collie Troja from bad conditions

Time is of the essence, because Troy is a “special emergency,” in the words of the Tiere ein Heimat mediation programme. The bitch was taken from her old “house” with two other dogs. Apparently no one cared about her health there.

Troy is now classified as an emergency. Due to a poorly healing injury and the upcoming operation, you must find a home ASAP. “The hip is completely scrapped, the Achilles tendon is still somehow in the back. She’s eight years old, how did she live with that,” said presenter Simon Sumpiki, horrified. “Yes, we ask ourselves that too, but we will never get an answer to that,” Troy’s companion Ann replies. Border Collie bitch has been confiscated by the vet


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The dog in NRW has suffered countless injuries

The website has more information on this: “Troja has unilateral HD, no acetabulum and no femoral head. On the intact left side, she currently has a poorly healing wound due to an Achilles tendon rupture. Only when the hind leg goes down and is no longer inflamed can Perform the necessary operation. After that, the bitch, who loves to play sports, will have to be immobile for weeks and have to change several bandages. ” It is possible to share the cost of the animal shelter for medical care if necessary by arrangement. It is also unclear whether the animal has actually been neutered.

However, those who already have four-legged friends at home are only partially suitable as new owners of the beautiful bitch. Troja “gets along only to a limited extent” with other dogs and should not get along with other animals. Moreover, it will only be placed in a house without children.

That’s why it’s still worth giving Troja from “Tierheim Düren” a new home

Despite their difficulties, the Troja will be a loyal and loyal dog to their owners, assures the Düren Animal Shelter. “She wants a lot of closeness and loves her bag. However, she chooses her people. If she does not like someone, which is rare, she can feel uncomfortable.”


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A real bitch character! And this despite the terrible conditions in which she apparently lived for many years. Anyone wishing to give a dog from North Rhine-Westphalia a second chance can contact the Düren Animal Shelter at 0 24 21 9 98 55 19. You can see Troy here <<<. (one thousand)

A dog psychologist based in Gelsenkirchen specializes in researching and healing the spirit of four-legged friends. But some destinies are dear to his heart, too. You can find out the sad state he can’t get out of his head here >>>

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