Edensol NFT Gaming Metaverse offers many exciting features

NFT metaverses are by far the hottest trend in the gaming world in 2021. The massive success of games like Axie Infinity, which has sold over $3 billion in NFTs, looks like the beginning of a new era. Games meet cryptocurrency – and players can finally get special rewards for their skills.

The advantages of NFT for gaming are enormous:

  • They transform game assets (characters, outfits, weapons, and more) into unique and valuable crypto tokens that can be traded and collected for profit.
  • The Play to Earn (P2E) model allows top players to earn NFT rewards for their in-game performance and victories, a world first in gaming history.
  • NFTs are an unprecedented and highly attractive asset class for investors who can also benefit financially from the growth of more successful gaming ecosystems.

Edensol is about to take the sector by storm. The game runs on the powerful and versatile Solana blockchain, an action RPG based on NFT. The game is developed by Golem House.

As more and more new NFT games come out, the Golem House team is working on creating a game that stands out from the crowd. This is mainly due to the high potential for long-term growth and a particularly positive gaming experience. Because the clear realization is that NFTs can only make a world of resounding success if the gameplay is exciting.

That’s why Edensol offers an exciting blend of fantasy, action, competition and unbeatable rewards:

Fantasy, action, competition and rewards

Exceptional gameplay – Edensol is attractive and competitive. Players can take on the role of unique heroes (Warrior, Ranger and Magic) fighting monsters in unforgettable missions. Alternatively, they can also compete against other champions to discover a large number of NFT and NSOL tokens and get them as a reward.

Valuable NFTs – When developing Edensol, it was considered that enthusiasts and investors can buy and collect NFT on equal terms. The selection of possible NFTs is unparalleled. Special weapons, upgraded combat gear, limited edition outfits, pets and more. This ensures that all players and NFT collectors can find something they like. The scarcity of NFTs also makes long-term price increases possible.

Epic tournaments and country NFTs

a Ecosystem designed for growth Solana is designed to scale. Blockchain offers blazing speed (710,000 transactions per second) and very low transaction costs of just $0.0001. Also, building on Solana will make it possible to purchase and trade NFTs quickly and at low cost. Unlike more expensive alternatives based on Ethereum. In addition, with the world’s fifth largest cryptocurrency market cap and cross-chain compatibility, Solana ensures that Edensol NFTs are always liquid.

epic tournaments Tournaments make Edensol a spectator sport and provide the ultimate public arena for players to compete against each other around the world. Players can participate without restrictions and win prizes including cryptocurrency owned by Edensol ESOL and a wide range of valuable NFTs. In addition, esports enthusiasts can broadcast games with players and bet on the outcome of the game using ESOL tokens. This ultimately increases the popularity and participation of the game.

Country NFTs and Syndicates Terrestrial NFTs are associated with a territory within a specific metaverse. This increases in value and generates passive income as more players and investors join the NFT. The world of Edensol is divided into plots of land that guilds can conquer. Guilds are groups of players who share NSOL tokens to claim land and compete for rare NFTs. Guild members share the income from land ownership and can raid to seize more land from other guilds. This is how a valuable NFT virtual empire is created.

The following numbers show that investors are excited about developments in the Metaverse and NFT region:

Edensol is an NFT metaverse that aims to shape this new era and become a household name in the gaming, NFT investor and VC community. Due to the unique gameplay and NFTs, both investors and players can benefit from the huge growth potential.

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