Elden’s Ring: Find the horse and summon it

The horse “Stormwind” is a constant companion on the Elden Ring. But how do you get it and how do you name it? MeinMMO gives you an overview of the ghost horse.

Elden Ring offers a much larger game world than previous games from the developers, such as Dark Souls or Bloodborne. That’s why the game gives you the ghost horse “Stormwind” as your companion.

With its help, you can not only progress faster. Because the horse has an important double jump. This allows you to reach places that might be out of your reach on foot.

Also, you can fight on horseback, which can be a huge advantage in some situations and even make boss fights easier. However, it can be confusing for new players to find at first.

In this guide, we explain how to get your horse, how to name it and what else you should consider.

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How to find Stormwind and summon a horse

The game starts without a stand. To get it, you must first complete the tutorial. After that you have to fulfill some requirements.

Here’s how to find the horse at the Elden Ring: Once you are done with the tutorial, you have to activate three grace places. These are glowing rest points where you can level, set spells, and do other things.

It is better to follow the path that was also planned by the creators:

  • Avoid Tree Warden’s dangerous walk before the Tutorial Dungeon, down Mercy Arena.
  • Keep heading north until you come across Elie Church. Relax there and also visit the merchant who is sitting there. You will also find a mourning stone on the anvil.
  • Now move around and follow the path behind the church until you come across a large gate.
  • The third place of grace is waiting just outside the gate. Here you have to rest and the first confrontation with Melina will begin.

Complete the dialogue and it will give you a spectral horse whistle. This is the key to using Stormwind.

Here you can see the “normal” path you are also following in the main story at the same time.

Of course, there are many other places of grace in the area. So you have several options. On the map you can see most of the rest.

How to summon a horse: If you have received the ring, you can put it in the express check or bag.

  • For quick selection, you should use the pause menu of your device, select the corresponding aperture and assign it to the spectral horse whistle.
  • It is also very practical and often it is better to put the whistle in the bag. You can do this by checking one of the six boxes in the pause menu on the right side of the screen.
    • Four of these boxes correspond to a direction on the directional pad with a Control key or an arrow on the keyboard. If you press Triangle (PlayStation), Y (Xbox) or E (keyboard) then on the appropriate direction, you can activate the bag item.
Elden ring bag
In this picture you can see where to find the bag. In this example, I’m using Spectral Ross Whistle with Y (Xbox) / Triangle (PlayStation) and D-Pad Right.

You can summon Stormwind almost anywhere on the roof. There are also isolated underground areas that can be covered on horseback.

However, in the dungeons, you have to do without Stormwind. These are mostly narrow and complex areas that are easy to explore on foot anyway.

Your horse is useful in battle and exploration

Here’s what you should know about Stormwind in battle: Aside from being able to move faster, Storm Wind is also useful in combat. The horse acts in part as protection from damage, as it can take a blow to you.

Thanks to the sprint function, you can become very fast and also dodge attacks with boosters.

You can also use your weapons, spells, and spells on horseback for a limited time.

  • You can use light and heavy attacks on the right and left respectively.
  • Charged heavy attacks are also possible.
  • Depending on the type of weapon, attack movements and range are also different.
  • Heavy weapons are also slower on horseback, but can send entire groups flying.
  • Light weapons are noticeably faster and more likely to hit enemies that approach them.
  • Light attack, right: RB/R1
  • Heavy Attack, Right: RT/R2 (To charge: press and hold)
  • Light attack, left: LB/L1
  • Heavy Attack, Left: LT/L2 (To charge: press and hold)

Depending on the region and enemy types, these things must be taken into account and it is always advised to carry light and heavy weapons with you. So you are prepared for everything on the way.

Some of the open world boss fights are easier when using Stormwind. Which is why it is also beneficial to train with the horse until the ride is “in flesh and blood.”

This is how Stormwind helps you explore the game world: With your stealth horse, you can use a double jump to reach significantly higher places and jump over large gaps.

This gives you a huge advantage in the very extensive and vertical gaming world. Even with fall damage, you can survive even deeper falls thanks to your horse.

Be careful, because damage from a fall in Elden Ring is often unpredictable. So don’t rely too much on Stormwind to cushion your fall.

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What happens when a storm dies? Your horse is a ghost horse, so it cannot die. When life points are used up, Stormwind simply disappears. You can only summon him again until your next rest in the place of mercy if you sacrifice a scarlet potion for it.

As long as you have healing potions, you can summon your horse indefinitely into a fight.

Can storm winds heal in combat? Yeah. There are a number of crafting materials and items in the game that can also be used to heal a horse. The most common are the fruits of the roe, which you can collect almost anywhere.

But there are also more powerful healing items that you can make using different recipes.

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