Immenhof 2 Review – The Big Promise: …and life is just a pony farm!

“Trippel Trappel Pony” is no longer popular in new movies, but it still stands Eminhof Also in 2021 is an ideal world in which real-world problems and conditions play as little a role as it was in 1955, when the first movie “Die Mädels vom Immenhof” was released in cinemas. Director Sharon von Wettersheim (“Workaholic”) not only misses the opportunity to connect the pony farm to current reality. you missed with “Immenhof 2 – The Great PromisePartly, the connection to her own story, which began in 2019 with the successful new screen release “Immenhof – The Adventure of a Summer”.

When a poisoned attack is carried out on Cagliostro, concern over his best show horse gives Mallinkroth (Heiner Lauterbach) an unexpected clue: The stallion must be hidden in Immenhof to recover. A real challenge for Lou (Leia Holtwick) and Emmie (Ella Päffgen) to create the right building for the animal star and keep the matter a secret. However, it gets really hairy, when the killer strikes again and this time strikes a human victim – and with Mallinkroth there’s nothing but trouble again this time…

Leah Holtwick as Lou Jansen – a pony ranch operator who is likely to be in the GNTM Final.

Emenhof’s films show a world that has nothing to do with ours. A parallel world where girls who look like GNTM finalists ride dream horses through virtually car-free country. A world where there are no real problems for horse-loving girls and boys (yes, too) – like horseback riding as a rather expensive hobby and therefore usually reserved for high-income kids. In addition to deciding whether Lou should date cool YouTuber Leon (who would have stayed in Berlin, it doesn’t matter here: Moritz Bäckerling) or cute horse boy Cal (Max Befort), the main question this time around is what If a horse would only be valuable if it won many awards as a champion? Basically, this time it’s the only real line of conflict.

On the other hand, we have Mallinkroth, the cold-blooded businessman who doesn’t care about the welfare of animals as long as they bring home trophies. On the other hand, there’s the horse-whispering Lou, who dares to actually venture into one scene when she and Cale contemplate the question of whether it is really appropriate for a human to be carried across the world on horseback. But the animal rights issue is not so developed yet that one must have a conscience after the movie. Horses are very beautiful for that.

The usual scammers

This time on the issue of Hottehü’s well-being and woe, von Wietersheim has plotted a child crime plot according to a scheme: Sisters Lou and Emmie try to catch horse poison and protect Cagliostro. They get support from Josie’s cousin (Caro Cult from “Babylon Berlin”), a city kid who doesn’t act stupid, and of course from horses of all kinds, including the noble Mustang Keira and the little pony Crommel with a straw hat, who were little horse lovers. They would like to see more of it.

Above all, Mallinkroth (Heiner Lauterbach) wants to protect his investment – thus hiding his best horse in Immenhof.

Young actresses do their job well, even if Amy’s sayings in particular seem like she’s trying a bit. “Not only did his hair fall out, but his mind as well!” Such was Janssen’s younger sister’s verdict about Mallinkroth’s bald head, which was routinely and without sinister luster played by Heiner Lauterbach. On the other hand, Max von Thun (“Benjamin Blümchen”) is sympathetic to his character Viktor who would have had a sweet romance here. But the victors love interestEmenhof’s oldest sister Charly (Laura Berlin), had only a brief guest appearance in Part Two. Reason: She is currently studying at the Academy of Arts.

Rather than dramatize the problem that only minors live in Immenhof after the departure of the older sister, von Wietersheim decided to ignore Charly’s character and thus the premise of Part One: there is no pressure with the Youth Welfare Office because of him. Good for the Jansens, at least in the case of adult recipients, this disregard for the basic story in favor of a flat detective plot leaves a somewhat stale taste. An exciting jungle chase on horseback, accompanied by the party anthem “Bella Ciao,” partially makes up for it.

Synopsis: Another graphic novel made into a movie from Horse Magazine – which is also the sequel to “Immenhof – The Big Secret” once again offers harmless entertainment for fans of “Wendy”, “Ostwind” and “Bibi & Tina”. At least there is no singing.

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