Kaufland Remembers Quail Eggs: The Danger of Salmonella

09.08.2021 – 11:15

Sold by Kaufland
REMEMBER: Salmonella Danger – Beware These Quail Eggs!

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Pathogenic salmonella makes you feel at home especially in high temperatures. Therefore eggs are often pulled due to the risk of salmonella infection, especially in the summer. Now there is a summons.

Food manufacturers take great responsibility for the health of their customers. However, there are always summons. This time Kaufland hits: Because of salmonella, the quail egg company is taking back. There are severe health risks. Learn more here.

Small, pretty and really healthy: St. Hildegard von Bingen pointed out the valuable ingredients in quail eggs. But now is the time to be careful when buying this delicacy! became one Mention the quail eggs published in Kaufland It has been sold.

Calling quail eggs in Kaufland: acute danger of salmonella

The manufacturer “Kwetters Eierhof GmbH” reported that the German Kwetters article recalled quail eggs. As the family business from Saxony-Anhalt announced, salmonella was detected during routine screening. There appears to be a suspicion of microbial contamination of quail eggs with salmonella.

What is salmonella?

Salmonella is a rod-shaped bacterium that is usually transmitted through raw meat, fish, eggs, or egg-containing foods. Salmonellosis is a classic foodborne infection. Salmonella-contaminated food can cause symptoms that last for days, such as diarrhea, headache, stomach pain, general malaise, vomiting and fever. Infants, young children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems in particular can develop more serious illnesses. Therefore, it is strongly not recommended to eat infected quail eggs.

The following product is explicitly affected by the recall:

  • Kwetters German Quail “Free Breeding Pack 12”, GTIN 8711427004480
  • Sold in Kaufland
  • Best before dates: 08/12/2021, 08/15/2021, 08/19/2021, 08/22/2021, 08/26/2021 and 08/29/2021

Kwetters has already pulled the product from sale. Anyone who has already bought quail eggs and is still in stock can return them to any Kaufland branch. The purchase price will be refunded, even without presenting the receipt. The company apologizes to those affected for any inconvenience.

Consumers can call the hotline with questions. You can contact them at +49 (0) 2039205-699823 (Mon-Fri 8am-4pm)

New food recalls are issued all the time. The following warnings were recently issued:

We summarized the main symptoms of salmonella in our video:

And what helps with diarrhea, you can find out in our photo gallery:

You can find more exciting news about food recalls on our topic page. Our legal guide will also provide you with comprehensive information.

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