Kinder Bars: The mineral oil found in Ferrero Kinder Chocolate

Did you call back? Consumer organization Foodwatch claims to have detected traces of mineral oil in kids’ bar and other sweets and is sounding the alarm.

Foodwatch tested about 20 candy bars from various manufacturers – including Ferrero Kids’ Bars. “Mineral AOPs can be detected in three products,” said Matthias Wolfschmidt, Deputy Director-General of the Consumer Protection Organisation: in the Ferrero children’s bar, a product of Lindt and in Sunrice chocolate bars, which are sold, among other things, at Aldi- Nord.

According to Wolfschmidt, aromatic mineral oleic hydrocarbons, such as those found in Ferrero baby chocolate, can enter food at different stages of production: they can be found in different types of packaging, such as jute bags for storing cocoa or in boxes made from recycled paper. . Aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons can also enter confectionery through machine lubricants in food production.

Children’s Bars: Is the mineral oil in children’s Ferrero chocolate a carcinogen?

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfrR), contamination of food with components of mineral oil, as currently detected in baby bars, is undesirable. Because some components of aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons can cause cancer.

Foodwatch’s Matthias Wolfschmidt criticizes that food manufacturers have known this for too long, but still aren’t pulling products from sale. Because there are no legal maximum values ​​for essential mineral oils in food.

In a test, the Bavarian State Office of Health and Food Safety detected the presence of mineral oil in five of the eleven Advent calendars examined.

Photo: Patrick Ball/Archive (dpa)

Foodwatch via Lindt, Ferrero Co: Mineral oil also in chocolate bunnies and advent calendars

He demands that these maximum values ​​be introduced by the federal government and that the detection limit become critical: “If mineral oil is detected, manufacturers must commit to withdrawing products from sale.”

Children’s chocolate from Ferrero is not the only reason: recently, remnants of mineral oil have been found in sweets, for example in Advent calendar chocolate or chocolate rabbits. AZ

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