Life’s Purpose: 11 Signs Your Life Has Meaning – And What It’s Really About

The meaning of life? Isn’t this about finding love? Or you have children? Or do you realize yourself? Or all at once? Hmmm… to see!

With all love, ecstasy and joy – Life can be very stressful! That perpetual metabolism, hunger, thirst, fatigue, hormone fluctuations, backache, aging…and then there are things like the pain of a breakup, the pressure to perform, the wanderlust, the inner struggles and insecurities that keep us up at night and make us think about the meaning of life. …manu man. Above all, it currently appears as if we humans are destroying the environment and the Earth would be better off without us. No wonder someone asks the question every now and then: What’s the point of all this…?

Purpose in life: 11 signs you have one

First the good news: You don’t need to know your life purpose to live a good and meaningful life. For example, look at children, jellyfish or frogs: They all live alone, unchecked and as they should be, Without being able to explain the meaning of their lives to themselves or to you.

Sure, we’re neither kids (except maybe at heart) nor jellyfish or frogs, but that just means our lives should look different from that of a kid or jellyfish if possible. After all, we have completely different possibilities and requirements. How should it look? If you can tag one or more of the following, something like yours!

  1. You wake up (almost) every morning.
  2. You don’t want to die
  3. You see some things differently than your fellow human beings.
  4. When you are hungry, eat (usually and when possible).
  5. There has been or has been at least one person who loves you.
  6. There has been or has been at least one person you love.
  7. You have at least one memory that makes you happy.
  8. You’ve broken your heart before and survived it.
  9. Sometimes you make bold decisions.
  10. Like to try something new.
  11. You will accept unpleasant changes so that you can continue in life.

The purpose of life: what is the truth about it?

Does this mean that the question about the meaning of life has been answered? no! Probably not for most. Finally z falls. For example, it is much easier to get through periods of separation or endure a heavy loss when you know the cause.

However, we have already come to the bad news: in all the millennia that people have thought about the meaning of life, no one has yet found an answer that makes everyone clap their hands and say: “So! Did we finally get that?“So it is best not to get our hopes up too high…

One of the problems of clarifying the meaning is that it exists The question is not very clear:

  • What is the meaning actually? Is it the same purpose? Or what is the meaning?
  • What kind of life is meant anyway? mine? yours? Is this from an adult? Or life itself?

Fortunately, we don’t have to answer each of these questions separately, because we know our main purposes for dealing with the meaning of life. we want to know …

  • …how we should live our lives (so that makes sense).
  • … why should we persevere, even if everything is stupid.

The answers to that are very easy! 😅

Life purpose: How do I live a meaningful life?

Some feel they have to do something great to have a special meaningful life, like Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandela or Lady Gaga. But there is really nothing especially purposeful life Every life you live has the same meaning. When asked what a successful and purposeful life looks like, there can be not one or a few, but only tens of billions (!) different correct answers, for the following reason: Life’s success story is based on diversity and individuality. The countless species with which we share our home have evolved from the simplest of single-celled organisms. Daisies, algae, octopus, lion, giraffe, bee, human. We have in common All regions of the earth are full of life: water, forest, desert, sky, ice…

What’s the point of that for us? If our home z. changed b. Suddenly radically, we have a good chance of preserving one form or another – and of preserving life itself.

What does that mean for our lives now? very easy: Obviously, the first priority in life is self-preservation or self-care. Whether the priority of this kind now has the same meaning is debatable, but one thing is certain: if you are convinced of life’s success story and want to be a part of it, you should do it Make self-care a priority in your life.

Signs that you don't like yourself: a young woman is hiding under her jacket

but that is not all.

So that the concept of life really works, We as individuals must live out our very own characteristics as best or as possible. why? For example, if a deer behaves like a lion instead of a deer, it will obviously not play the game. If we as humans drift like jellyfish in the sea, we’ll break the rules too – and we might even die. The same is absolutely true at the level of individuals, and especially for us humans.

man’s privacy

As humans, we differ from many species in that, among other things, we More freedom and opportunity to have. for example …

  • Not all of us necessarily have to reproduce in order for our species to survive.
  • We can move around, and thanks to cars, trains and the like, we can do it very quickly.
  • We don’t need to put in a lot of effort to nourish our bodies with nutrients or protect ourselves from the weather and the seasons.
  • We can plan for our future and recall past experiences to inform current decisions.

All of this gives us a lot of time and energy to deal with other things like the meaning of life. Even if we find it stressful at times and thus we can’t sleep: This is part of being human.

Through these freedoms and possibilities, the human being A lifestyle with particularly stark differences in individual characteristics. Two lions may have different territories, families, places to hunt, etc. Two people with different jobs, hobbies, habits, cooking skills, talents, ways of dealing with feelings, writings, and. This is the very special feature of our species: Although we are all equal in meaning and value to the big picture, we are very different.

This results in what is probably the clearest instruction or task that life places upon each of us: We must live how we feel it is right for us. After all, if you live the way others say or do, you don’t need to be present – because this could be anyone, maybe even a chimpanzee. (Not that we wanted to get there, but by the way, striving for certain ideals of beauty or obsessively following every trend is probably the most pointless thing we can do with our tendencies…)

The purpose of life: why persevere?

Seen rudely, the task of self-care dictates that we persevere, even when things get uncomfortable—but unfortunately that’s not a particularly great motivator. But what about this: It’s guaranteed to go uphill again! The older we get, and the more deterioration we survive, the more confident we are in ourselves and our power to master the crises of meaning and life. On the one hand, because we know we can, on the other hand because our experiences have taught us that life can always turn out for the better. But this leads us no longer to the meaning of life, but to the meaning of hope…


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