New in Rarible: Polygon NFTs and the Multi-Portfolio Approach

Rarible, the Ethereum blockchain application platform for NFTs, has announced that it has added support for polygon NFTs and multi-wallet functionality to its marketplace.

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Rarible, the leading digital asset creation and trading protocol, today announced that it enables developers to create NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Rare additional support for minting non-fungible tokens on the Polygon blockchain. The NFT market protocol also supports the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains.

Upwind of the polygon

Rarible is leading the next generation of blockchain technology and today announced that it has implemented support for assets embossed in a polygon.

Polygon is a platform designed to encourage the development of blockchain-based applications. An unreliable, generic, fault-tolerant polygon. It provides a decentralized and powerful alternative trading system to exchanges. With Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow, the number of Rarible platforms increases to a total of four.

What is a polygon?

Polygon is a revolutionary scaling solution for Ethereum. It allows developers to quickly and easily create decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

Transactions on the blockchain are verified by the PoW network of users. This is an elegant solution in many ways, but it is energy-intensive. In contrast, Polygon is based on a greener PoS model, still backed by Ethereum security, which brings us closer to the big goal of being truly sustainable and friendly.

Regarding the development of the NFT market, CEO Alexei Valin said:

While we have enjoyed watching the NFT market grow rapidly over the past two years, we also recognize that there are some hurdles in this area, including high gas fees and ecosystem restrictions. […] As the leading NFT protocol and marketplace, we are responsible for solving issues related to NFT creation and consumption, which is at the core of our multi-chain vision.

Polygon NFTs and Rare

Rarible is a digital goods platform that helps users manage and add value to their collections. Rarible has announced a partnership with Polygon Studios, an initiative that supports NFTs built on an Ethereum scaling solution.

As part of a recent agreement, Rarible acquires an experienced marketing partner to support the company’s growth. This alliance will provide significant benefits thanks to the expertise of Polygon Studios.

Multiple wallets feature

Rarible has announced the integration of Polygon Exchange into its platform and the launch of a multi-wallet profile on, allowing users to simultaneously log into up to 20 wallets on different blockchain protocols.

This way, users do not have to constantly log in and out of various blockchains to buy and sell non-fungible tokens on Rarible.

A rare actor commented:

We have seen firsthand the hassles of logging in and out of wallets with cross-chain groups. […] To simplify this process for our users, a multi-wallet profile can support clusters across all Rarible supported blockchains in one place, allowing you to access items with a simple click.

Rare – an alternative to the open sea?

Rarible is a marketplace for NFTs that currently has less trading volume than the industry-leading OpenSea. The Rarible team has become more focused on the community, which has resulted in a slower growth rate to date, but also a loyal group of repeat customers.

Rarible is not just another platform, it is a true digital asset designed to bring the revolutionary benefits of cryptocurrency to the masses.

While Rarible is an NFT marketplace, any developer can use the open source Rarible protocol to publish their NFT applications in a decentralized manner.

In November, Rarible made headlines when it became the first decentralized app to offer support for the Flow blockchain platform. This add-on allowed content creators on the platform to issue tokens that are not limited to Ethereum only.

OpenSea has already shown support for the popular Polygon platform. Recent hints now also show an interest in accepting Solana into Rarible.

Eva Steinmetz shows a keen interest in the topics of cryptocurrency, tokens, and artificial intelligence to improve existing systems, such as real estate or the financial sector. In this context, there is a focus on changes in cryptocurrency regulations around the world.

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