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The noise around Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) They’ve been in the video game industry for a long time: Konami sells NFTs on vintage Castlevania artwork, Ubisoft says NFTs are good for gamers, and Square Enix sees them NFT is the future of gaming (inform us 1And 2And 3). But there are also critics who answer the frequently asked question of what NFTs actually are with the following comparison:

the quote

Imagine your wife cheating on you all the time without you being able to do anything about it. But you have a marriage certificate. This is NFT.

You don’t always have to understand everything as long as it works: the truth is that people are still buying NFTs and the demand is growing. This is why we are ahead of Nintendo and entering the NFT market as well. From now on, we will provide you with not only the latest news about the Mushroom Kingdom blocks, but also the blockchain. To show strength and because our site name is often misspelled anyway, small ntower will finally be officially capitalized in the future and we combine Nintendo (N) and finances (F) for the NFT world: ntower becomes NFTower!

Our offers NFT

In the beginning, we came up with something very special for our valuable community. Soon you will have the opportunity to create unique combinations NFTs in the profiles of our editors to get. Have you always wanted to take control of the Ilja Rodstein coil to kick it out of our horoscope yourself? You still can’t do it after purchase, but you can at least pretend you can! The NFT of our zodiac chief Holger Wettstein, which perhaps only the richest of you can afford, should be especially popular – looking forward to the highest bids possible!

Soon we would like to continuously expand the offer of NFT: we are planning to buy NFTs on individual news articles, quizzes, and topics. The great thing about it is the fact that new NFTs will be available for purchase on NFTower every day thanks to the constant flow of news! Our First News NFT will be a screenshot of today’s news (including news image with editors’ profiles) that looks like this:

The highest bidder can soon proudly claim this news screenshot site on Blockchain to own, which marks our historic entry into the NFT industry. And let’s be honest, haven’t you always dreamed of buying an NFT for Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival playtest or have something new? Soon you can realize your dream with us!

By the way, our site will be coming soon via an update New layout and custom logo It was received to herald the launch of NFTower. You can then click on the navigation point NFTs Always have access to our latest NFT offers:


© NFTower

Our loyalty program NFT

To add more value to NFT purchases, we will be launching next month NFT . Loyalty Programit’s you Exclusive benefits will add. The more NFTs you buy from NFTower, the more you can benefit from our premium content. In the following list, you can see how many NFTs you have to buy from us to unlock exclusive benefits:

  • 3 NFTs Purchased: Get an NFTower badge to place on your profile.
  • 5 NFTs Purchased: Dennis Meppiel will personally welcome you to your next TowerCast.
  • Purchased from 10 NFTs: Determines the future poll topic of the week (must be something related to Nintendo or NFTs).
  • 30 NFT Purchased: Get your own NFT image for your profile (designs are still being planned, and Holger Wettstein and Penguin Joe are working day and night on implementation).
  • 50 NFTs Purchased: Automatically deletes all bail points you’ve received from off-topic or provocative posts on topics like “Politics, God and the World” or “Turmkneipe”.
  • 100 NFTs Purchased: Get regular access to selected unpublished news and get the latest information up to several hours before other users!
  • Most Purchased NFTs: Anyone who purchased the most NFTs from us will get the exclusive NFT Gold Avatar “NFTower King” – a temporary profile picture that always goes to the user with the most NFTs!

If our NFT offerings and loyalty program are well accepted, we can expect even more rewards in the future – so it’s up to you to help shape this new path together!

We look forward to your feedback and financial support!

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