Nuremberg-Langwasser: Kids can go treasure hunting here – Nuremberg, Northeast, Langewasser

– The residential district of SchönLebenPark (District T) in Nuremberg-Langwasser is almost completely developed. A playground for the youngest residents was opened just in time for the Easter holiday.

As in the forest, huge logs stretch into the sky at Langwasser. You can climb, swing on ropes, glide and frolic in between: “This is a very natural playground,” says Sarah Bollinger of Riede’s office of landscape architecture in Nuremberg.

On behalf of the city-owned subsidiary wbg Nürnberg GmbH Immobilienunternehmen, real estate developer and urban development division, the planning office has designed a playground for children up to about eight years of age.

Children’s wishes are taken into account

The wishes of future users were also taken into account: in addition to the large playing and climbing frame, there are also parent-child swings, bushes and trees for climbing and hiding on the site of the new Langwasser T neighborhood, and soon, tables and benches for lounging. Part of the 2,200 square meter facility is barrier-free and also wheelchair accessible. The World Bank has invested about 360,000 euros in a facility not far from the Bertolt Brecht School.

Shortly before the start of the Easter holidays, Mayor Christian Vogel, who is also the first plant manager for the Public Space Services Company in Nuremberg (Sur), as well as WBG Director Ralph Scheira and WBG Division Director Christian Lutz-Heinz inaugurated the new stadium.

Where are the owl and hedgehog hiding?

Right after that, the first boys and girls discovered their new playground and went on a treasure hunt: “We hid nine golden animals,” planner Sarah Bollinger revealed. A few minutes later, the first success stories appeared: “Here is an owl,” shouted one of the children. Others tracked down snails and hedgehogs. As early as the summer of 2021, several Langwasser boys and girls took part in the design of the stadium: they laid colorful “ground stones” that now mark the center of the large playing structure.

At the opening, Mayor Christian Vogel emphasized the quality of the playground: “I am delighted that we can deliver this high-quality facility to children and youth in the area today. A little oasis for children has been created between the existing buildings and the new buildings, which provide play facilities suitable for all age groups,” he says Vogel.

Several years ago, wbg developed an area of ​​about 32 hectares between Karl-Schönleben-Strasse and Langwassersee. Apartments and houses were built for about 500 people.

Our goal is to create opportunities for recreational activities as well as development. “The shape of the playground not only enriches what is on offer for children in our new development zone, but will also delight all the children in the surrounding apartment buildings,” said Ralph Chiquera, general manager of WBG.

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