Solana & NFT: Everything crypto enthusiasts need to know about Solana and NFTs!

Solana, the original token of the Solana Network, has firmly established itself in the top 10 of the global cryptocurrency market. The market capitalization is now around 43 billion US dollars. With a price increase of about 30% in the past 7 days, SOL is the top 10 coin. This should also relate to the booming NFT market and news from Solana blockchain. Because in the field of irreplaceable tokens, Solana is taking the next step. The No. 2 marketplace for non-fungible tokens continues to depend on the future direction. Whether it is digital art, gaming features or merchandise, the Solana blockchain offers a variety of NFTs. What do crypto-lovers need to know about Solana blockchain tokens and non-fungible tokens right now?

What is Solana?

Solana is a decentralized blockchain solution based on high scalability and user-friendly applications. Thanks to the validation of the date carried out, transactions with Solana can be processed much faster and cheaper than, for example, with Ethereum. Solana’s expansion aims at global adoption of the ecosystem. Solana Network describes itself as being very ambitious and not too conservative:

“Solana is the world’s fastest blockchain and fastest growing crypto ecosystem, with thousands of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3 and more.”

OpenSea meets Solana: a win-win situation for both ecosystems

Solana’s integration into the flagship OpenSea trading platform NFT has been hotly debated for some time. Again and again, there were rumors that she did not want to disappear from social networks. So it’s no surprise that OpenSea put a chuckle on Solana’s official integration tweet and ironically reports on the best kept secrets on the Web 3.

The Solana series will already be integrated into OpenSea this month. Although there is no specific date yet. However, OpenSea users should also be able to purchase non-fungible tokens mined on Solana in the next few weeks. Currently, the NFT Marketplace powered by Ethereum is the most popular choice for non-fungible tokens. Meanwhile, Solana is the second largest blockchain in the field of NFTs, after Ethereum, when estimating market capitalization across different blockchains. The NFT market in the Solana ecosystem grew disproportionately last year. As a result, OpenSea and Solana can equally benefit from the logical step.

First comes Ethereum, then nothing for long and then Solana

Ethereum has been struggling with growing problems in recent years. The Ethereum 2.0 upgrade should finally be completed in 2022 after many years of epic. However, scaling issues and high gas fees have cost the Ethereum network market share. In the DeFi sector in particular, other blockchains have been able to catch up and win many innovative projects. However, the equilibrium of forces is clearly distributed in the NFT space. First comes Ethereum and then nothing for long. However, the second largest blockchain for non-fungible tokens is actually Solana.

Magic Eden, Solanart and Co: Solana builds on the prosperity of NFT

There are many NFT marketplaces on the Solana network, where various types of non-fungible tokens are available. Solana’s largest market for NFTs is Magic Eden. There have been nearly 20,000 traders here over the past seven days, generating around $6.11 million in trading volume. Solanart follows directly in second place. The average price for NFTs is almost twice higher here. However, when it comes to the number of traders and trading volume, Magic Eden should be given priority. The Solana ecosystem is increasingly dependent on non-fungible tokens. This was also revealed by taking a look at Solana’s official Twitter account, where most of the tweets are associated with non-fungible tokens.

Booming NFT Market: This new NFT market wants to be #1!

The NFT OpenSea market is currently #1. With Solana’s integration, that won’t change in the next few weeks. However, a new NFT platform was launched recently that has big ambitions. The new NFT marketplace is suitable for creating, buying and selling non-fungible tokens. In the medium term, one wants the market to become the best, the most accessible, and also the safest. Binance Smart Chain and Polygon are already integrated as a multi-blockchain market – more networks should follow. The long-term goal of NFT LaunchPad is to become the market leader among NFT trading sites.

Buy non-redeemable icons at NFT LaunchPad!

A few weeks after the launch of the NFT LaunchPad, several non-fungible icons from different collections are available here. After the start of sales of the most promising Lucky Block NFTs – after all, the namesake Lucky Block Coin is the fastest growing cryptocurrency in history – there is now The Walrus NFTs. These are historical figures designed in the shape of a horse. For example, Walrus Putin or Walrus Queen Elizabeth 1 is available for purchase.

Currently, it is possible to purchase using the Metamask wallet. However, other wallets will soon be compatible with the NFT LaunchPad platform in order to purchase non-fungible tokens more easily and quickly.

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