The big question before buying: How much does a horse cost?

Buying your own horse is a dream for many, especially children. As wonderful as it is to live with this animal, you should approach the purchase of a horse with caution, after all, a horse costs not only a lot of money when buying it, but also the costs of running with it. But how much does a horse actually cost? We give you tips on what to consider when buying a horse. However, you should know that the examples provided are not fixed amounts, but are based in part on experience. So the costs can always be different.

Before buying a horse

Having a horse of your own is great, and as a recreational rider, I often play with the idea of ​​buying a horse. But you should think about this in advance. Parents, in particular, need to think carefully about things. Will the child pursue the hobby (permanently) or is horseback riding just a whim? Can a child take care of a horse, does he have experience and are the parents up to the challenge? Because although this animal can become a loyal companion, it can be difficult and expensive to keep. Before buying it, it is important: Can I tolerate all this (over many years) knowing that I am also deeply emotionally involved (eg when a horse is sick)? So, if you are not sure, participating in horse riding is a good way to get to know them.

How much does a horse cost?

First of all, the cost of a horse depends on many factors. Do you want a horse for entertainment or are you looking for a dressage or show horse? Should the animal be young and untrained or older and trained? What are the proportions of the horse and do you buy it from a breeder or from the private sector? And then you should think about operating costs. What is the position like? Do you choose a barn with full accommodation, do you take care of the feed yourself or do everything yourself in an open barn? Where do I live in the city, the cost of accommodating a horse is often more expensive, and you usually have to plan a longer route to get to the stable and possibly pay more fuel costs. What costs should you plan in advance?

horse type

One of the most important points before buying is to ask which horse you would like to buy. Is there a special breed and should I buy a horse from a breeder? Do I like to ride in my spare time or in tournaments? Should a horse be trained or inexperienced? All of these things can affect the price of a horse.

  • to little horsewhich has not yet been trained, you are already paying a few thousand euros (depending on your pedigree), but you can get rid of it cheaper than a sports horse.
  • a Trained sports horse He often has a lot of experience and can sometimes be in the double digit range. Sometimes these horses are also descended from other well-known championship horses – this increases the price by several thousand euros.

the important is: As much as you want to save on buying a horse, you should not buy “too cheap”, especially when buying privately. The purchase contract and purchase inspection should also be an absolute necessity.

Happiness on earth is on horseback


What is a pre-purchase inspection?

The pre-purchase exam is a type of TÜV horse test. Before buying, the vet looks at the horse from top to bottom and finds out if it has any bruises, injuries and the like. Its purpose is to prevent people from buying a “horse (not a cat) in a poke”. However, the costs are usually borne by the buyer, at least if the horse is healthy. Otherwise, the seller pays more often.

maintenance costs

As mentioned earlier, operating costs also play a role. After all, they are the real challenge when it comes to the question of how much a horse actually costs. Many things are often not considered at all, so you should consider this carefully before buying.

the shelter

Even before buying a horse, you should clarify where this pet will be sheltered. If you choose an open stable, you can get only a few hundred euros per month. However, you should feed the animal yourself, weed it (remove horse droppings) and also take care of the maintenance of the field (the open space in which the horse lives). If you decide to choose a riding stable with your chests, which are often freely chosen for the horse, fixed grazing times and the like, you will pay close to a thousand euros, depending on the location. It also depends on the service. With the box, grazing, but without a field, cleaning the box and feeding, it costs less. You can also book ‘full board’. Similar to the hotel, crate, grazing, daily feeding, and crate cleaning are all included.

Veterinarian, Haddad & Co.

The horse must be vaccinated or could get sick, you should think about it. It can be a common cold, but it can lead to serious infections with surgery. The latter in particular often costs several thousand euros, which you will have to pay yourself if you do not have proper insurance. So if you can’t pay that much money in a hurry, you should consider buying carefully. Also a farrier must be paid. About every six to eight weeks, the trainer should check the hooves (without edging or with horseshoes), replace the horseshoes and file the hooves if necessary. This can cost between 50 and 100 euros. The dentist is also important – he should look at your teeth once or twice a year. Depending on the service and with or without anesthesia, this can sometimes cost a hundred euros or more.

liability insurance

If you want to save a little money on vet costs and the like, you should get good insurance. Generally, liability insurance is a must, as it covers personal injuries, property damage, and financial losses. Imagine a horse kicking the trunk doors, ripping off and/or possibly causing a (car) accident? Costs can quickly reach several thousand euros. Adequate coverage is important. It should count at least five to fifteen million euros. You should also note: This insurance is included only third party damages. What is also important?

  • Such insurance is important from the first completed year of the animal’s life.
  • Engagement ride, yes or no? This question also determines the costs, after all, participation in rides and other foreign passengers must also be secured.
Understanding, Training and Caring for Horses: Everything You Need to Know About Horses – The Horse Book

The price may be higher now. Price as of 4/8/2022 10:27 PM

Health and surgical insurance

Even a horse can get sick. If you only take out liability insurance, you will sometimes have to incur very high costs to the vet if your horse is injured. If an operation is necessary, it can cost a four-figure average price. You should have health insurance for your animal in these particular cases. The health insurance covers dental appointments, routine examinations, vaccinations and the like, partially or completely, depending on the type. However, health insurance often does not include the costs of operations. Therefore, it is recommended to reserve surgical insurance. The insurance covers partial, and in some cases even the full costs of operations and the owner pays a certain amount of the deductible.

So: With insurance, you can pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even directly throughout the year. Therefore, a few hundred euros are collected every month.

Lining, Saddle & Co.

If you think that’s it, you are wrong. Because your horse also wants to be fed. If you do not keep the animal on a farm full-board or sometimes half-board, you should take care of the food and bedding to clean the box yourself. Some pay almost a hundred euros a month for hay, other animals need special feed, in addition to this. The horse is rarely only kept in the ring, but also weeded. It takes the right gear for that, and I really mean it. The saddle must be individually adapted to the horse’s back. Depending on the brand of the saddle and the effort involved, the modification can easily cost hundreds of euros. You should also plan for blankets, bridles, saddles and pastures as well as gaiters and of course cleaning supplies and riding apparel.

Share a ride?

If you want to cover some of the costs, but also need someone to watch and take care of the horse from time to time, you should consider participating in a riding event. Even those who toy with the idea of ​​getting on a horse should try it out as a riding horse first. My cousin (who now owns a horse) and I participated in or took part in horseback riding. Horse riding posts are often “only” concerned with the care and training of a horse. However, it can be said in general: sharing a ride sometimes costs a few hundred euros, takes a lot of time and effort and requires absolute reliability. Depending on the agreement, not only care and riding can be combined, but also some costs for the animal. If you are looking for someone who also takes care of the maintenance costs, but is not the owner of the horse and does not pay the insurance either, “a horse is available”.

all in all: Here, too, the contract is necessary due to insurance and partners!

The horse is a faithful companion

Above all, it costs a horse one thing: time. Holidays are not that easy anymore and the animal wants to move and take care of it under the wind and weather. However, anyone who buys a horse will have a loyal companion by their side for many years. You grow together as a team, bond building and as crazy as it may sound: you comfort each other. Although the question “how much does a horse cost” is not so easy, the question “what do I get for it” is often much more than that: in most cases you get a loyal friend, because we all know: “Happiness is from the earth. ..”

Apart from horse riding, there are many other hobbies for kids. We’ll show you a few of them!

What sport is suitable for your child?

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