The most beautiful lines of the festival

WhatsApp short Easter greetings

I wish you a wonderful Easter without any stress.

When the little Easter bunny comes, he pushes you with his nose and stands on his hind feet and tells you an Easter greeting.

Easter is a time of giving and thinking about one another. Not a car, not a mink, but a letter with a heart.

Have a nice Easter and lots of colorful eggs in your nest.

Who is this who jumps across the green grass? It must be the Easter bunny! He quickly hides egg after egg, and there’s one for you too!

It’s finally here, welcome to Easter. The rabbit now brings eggs and hops happily across the gardens. We wish you all the best on Easter!

Easter bells are ringing, Easter bunnies are jumping, Easter eggs are in the nest: I wish you a happy holiday.

Unfortunately I can’t be with you at Easter, I’m too far away from you. That’s why I’m sending you an Easter bunny saying: I like you!

Here is an Easter egg, pretty and small, that jumps happily to your cell phone. Wishing you, if I tell you so, unique Easter days.

Long WhatsApp Easter Greetings

Trees are blooming everywhere
The flowers are blooming again
And again the nightingale sings
Now their old songs.
Oh happy who sings and laughs
It’s also supposed to be this spring. – Hoffmann von Wallersleben

Tables and tables were freed from ice. Through the beautiful, refreshing look of spring, in the valley, the happiness of hope is green; The old winter retreated in its weakness into rugged mountains. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Will Easter be soon?
Come, little flowers,
Get out, green grass!
Come here, Easter bunny!
Come soon and don’t miss me
Bring your eggs, too.

Hi, awesome! Come here! Let’s find the Easter egg!
Always here, there and everywhere!
No matter how well concealed it was, it would finally be discovered.
Here’s an egg! There is an egg! The second and third will be soon. – Hoffmann von Wallersleben

cute little easter bunny,
with a pink nose,
shake your short tail
Will you do an Easter dance for us?
No, you’re just hiding the balls for us
From the garden to the hallway.
We’re looking for them all, one, two, three, four,
We thank you very much. – Kathryn Anders

Scientists and priests
arguing with a lot of yelling,
What did God create first?
Well the chicken, well the egg!
Would it be difficult to solve that?
At first an egg is born,
Yes, because there was no chicken yet –
That’s why hate brought him. – Edward Moreck

Christian Easter Greetings WhatsApp

Colorful eggs, spring breezes, sunshine and the aroma of roasting, cheerful spirit and festive peace, will bestow upon you at Easter.

May God be close to you at Easter and hold his protective hand on you for the rest of the year. Happy Easter Holiday!

All the best, only the best, especially now for Easter! Above all, may it be joy

For a lot of people, Easter is just a few days off, and it’s total relaxation. What they tend to forget while eating a delicious holiday meal is the real reason for the celebration, and this is not egg hunting. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus this feast. Rest and relaxation are secondary.

We celebrate that Christ has risen today. Blessed Easter!

The joy of Easter near and far, thank God our Lord! Happy and blessed Easter!

The magic of Easter consists of hope, joy and love. I hope this magic touches you, too. Happy Easter Holiday.

WhatsApp funny Easter greetings

If you are looking for a lot of eggs at Easter, you will get gifts at Christmas.

splash! – I’ve just been exposed by a cell phone Easter egg. Welcome to the mobile easter egg battle. Please have a happy Easter.

The weather doesn’t work, spring makes us wait. The hare is still fit, and Easter can begin.

The Easter bunny has hidden it, now find what you want.

Every year at Easter, the rabbit steals eggs from the hen, and then hides them

Chickens do not spot them. So obviously we’ll be looking for eggs that year.

An egg here, an egg there – soon there will be two, then three…! No matter how well hidden it is, you will definitely spot it.

Every bunny needs some bunny to love.

I will love you always!

On Easter, I show no mercy and eat chocolate bunnies.

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