The most expensive horse breeds in the world

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The most expensive horse breeds in the world are worth several thousand euros. © Photo Alliance / Carsten Reede

Horses are among the noblest and most graceful animals in the world. Whether as a domestic horse, as a working animal or for sport – horses have their price. But which breed is the most expensive?

  • About 60 million horses live in the world.
  • Four-legged friends are used by people in their spare time, as a working animal or for equestrian sports.
  • Horse prices vary greatly. The most expensive horse in the world cost several million.

Look elegant and come gracefully: horses (All information on domestic horses, breeds, pedigree, origin, number and species) belong to the most noble animals on the planet. They have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years. Initially, horses were kept as working and farm animals to transport people and goods from A to B. Over time, the use of four-legged friends has changed. horses Mainly used in sports (all equestrian sports at a glance). And so horse lovers are willing to pay several thousand euros. But which one? Horse breed is the most expensive?

Horses: these factors determine the price

The Horse price range Between a thousand and several thousand euros. to sports horses Sometimes sums of seven or eight digits are paid. These factors for horse price Decisive:

  • a race: The horse breed has a decisive share in the price. Some breeds are so expensive that individuals cannot buy them. Usually the buyers are the companies or the richest breeders.
  • Ancestral: If the horse came from a successful breeding stallion or mare, then the chances of successful offspring will also be higher. This makes the price go up. The brand, which provides information about the breed or breed, also acts as a feature.
  • success: Past successes are important currency, especially in racing. The prize money and cups won so far determine the value of the offspring. The more the horse performs, the more money will have to be paid to the four-legged friend.
  • age: Horses aged 5-9 years are the most expensive. From the age of 17, horses lose their value because it can be assumed that performance will decrease.
  • education: The older the animal, the higher the level of training, which is also reflected in the price.

Horses: the most expensive breeds in the world

for adults horse With little or no riding training 3000 and 7000 euros Pay. Horses that already have experience cost between 10,000 and 30,000 euros. However, these amounts cannot be generalized because individual factors play an important role, especially in equestrian sports.

Stallion Totilas with German dressage rider Matthias Alexander Rath.
Stallion Totilas with German dressage rider Matthias Alexander Rath. © Photo Alliance / d

that’s it The most expensive horse breeds in the world:

  • Authentic Arabic: The purebred Arabian horse brings people the highest gains and successes in equestrian sports. Accordingly, this breed is also the most expensive in the world. The Arabian horse is known to do wonders and can perform at its best even in harsh weather conditions. Purebred Arabian horses are usually not for sale or are almost always affordable.
  • English blood: The Thoroughbred English horse is mainly used in England for horse racing. Along with purebred Arabian horses, this breed is one of the fastest. Amounts in the millions are owed to English Thoroughbreds. These horses are considered one of the most successful breeds in trotting and gallop races. Thoroughbred English horses are also very popular with recreational riders.
  • American Quarter Horse: The American Quarter Horse is one of the most popular horse breeds in the world. Being among the most popular horses in the United States, this breed is also one of the most expensive. Americans mainly use horses for rodeo events.
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The most expensive breed in the world: Arabians © picture alliance / dpa

Several Millions: The World’s Most Expensive Horse

No wonder that The most expensive horses in the world come from sports. The list of equestrian sports is long: dressage, polo, show jumping, organizing events or horse racing, to name a few. In these disciplines, of course, it depends on very good horses – and they have their prices. who – which The Totilas horse, owned by German jockey Matthias Alexander Rath, is still considered the most expensive dressage horse in the world. The price at the time: ten million euros! Palloubet d’Halong has been that since 2013 The most expensive horse in an Olympic race.

that’s it The ten most expensive horses in the world *:

1 Fuzuchi Pegasus 64,000,000 2000 horse race
2 Big Brown 60,000,000 2008 horse race
3 honorable dancer 40,000,000 1984 horse race
4 Palloubet d’Halong 24,500,000 2013 jump obstacles
5 GreenMonkey 16,000,000 2006 horse race
6 Totilas 13,500,000 2010 Riding
7 Seattle Dancers 1310000 1985 horse race
VIII snafi dancer 11,700,000 1983 horse race
9 Bella Donna 7,000,000 2013 jump obstacles
10 Mystic Park 5,000,000 1983 harness racing

* Status: 03.12.2019. Since horses were often purchased privately, actual prices may vary.

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