What animals can you keep in the garden?

Fortunately crackling ducks, fluffy llamas or crowded bees: it doesn’t matter whether you want to use animal products or just enjoy the company of animals: not every animal is happy in every garden. What you should think about in advance and what types of animals are suitable to keep in your garden.

The sun rises on Sunday morning. You sit socially with your family at the breakfast table, which is filled with all kinds of delicacies from your own garden: fresh eggs, delicious milk and sweet honey. Poetry straight out of a picture book. By keeping animals in the garden, do not wish. However, gardeners should think in advance about which animals are suitable and which are not. Happy chicken eggs are known to taste the best.

You can keep these animals in the garden

As is often the case, there is no clear answer to the question of which animals to keep in the garden. This depends on various factors. Among other things, the place of residence plays an important role. “If you live for rent, you first need the landlord’s permission. It’s worth taking a look at the rental agreement to see if consent is required and what this should look like,” says attorney Andreas Akenhill.

Waterfowl may not be kept in residential areas, including geese and ducks. Four-legged farm animals such as sheep, goats and pigs are also not allowed here. On the other hand, chicken is usually allowed – if you can keep it in a species-appropriate way. The more rural an area is, the more likely it is that you can keep ducks, pigs, or goats in the garden. But Ackenheil knows: “Even the big cities have areas designated as village areas.” If you have any questions, you can contact the responsible building authority.

Importance: Unlike pets, livestock must be registered with the Animal Disease Trust. Four-legged animals such as sheep and goats also require official identification in the form of an ear tag.

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Proper species is the key word

The size of the site also plays a role in whether keeping animals in the park is allowed. Animals should be kept in accordance with the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act, says the animal rights expert. “If legal regulations are not complied with, the animals will have to go away again – the authorities are hardly willing to talk to them.”

It is usually easier to keep young animals in the garden. Small animals are those animal species that are kept in cages, containers, hatches, cages, terrariums or aquariums. These include, for example, birds or rabbits. Before building a large cage or container, you should find out from the responsible building authority whether or not this is allowed.

What do the neighbors say?

Not everyone lives in isolation from the rest of the world, so you should consider your dear neighbors when buying an animal. “In residential areas, neighbors have to accept animal husbandry that is typical of the area and familiar to the area,” explains Akenhill. This applies to dogs or cats, for example, and does not apply to sheep or donkeys.

If ducks or other noisy animals are allowed, the neighbors don’t have to put up with everything: “You don’t have to accept it when the rooster at 5 am thinks he has to greet the morning loudly,” says the expert. But the same applies here: “The more rural the area, the more generous the neighbors should be.”

These animals are the popular farm animals for the garden

Animals can be kept in your garden for a variety of reasons. Some keep them for companionship, others to fight pesky snails in the garden and others to win animal products. The following animals are especially popular in your home:

  • Bee’s honey
  • chicken
  • ducks
  • rabbits
  • rabbits
  • Geese
  • goat
  • sheep

What thoughts should you have before the animals move to the garden

No matter what animals you keep in the garden, garden owners should think about the creatures’ needs and whether they can be met. Even if a lot of gardeners are already familiar with the aspects, it doesn’t hurt to remember them again:

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