Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Taming, Catching, Feeding, Recording and Monitoring a Horse, Increasing Affection

The rideable pedestal has always been one of Link’s most important companions – and that hasn’t changed with Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In fact, Link’s horse has received noticeably more attention, which is reflected in the fact that you are not restricted to a single/specific specimen. In addition, there are now pieces of equipment and options to adapt the look a little more to your own ideas. All there is to know about horses in Zelda: Breath of the Wild – from catching a different horse to reviving it – you can find out on the next two pages.

Soon after you start the game – to be exact, after you leave behind the forgotten plateau – you can spot the first wild horses in the vast grassy areas. If you like an animal, you can try to catch and tame it. This is not always easy, because not every horse is attached to you, which is why they often try to get rid of you again as quickly as possible. However, over time, you can earn his trust and make him your most loyal companion.

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taming horses

This sounds more brutal than it is. You must click the left stick to make Link bend and sneak. Horses react to sound and movement, which means you can’t run to them loudly. In this case you make them shy, startle and let their hooves fly. You can’t hunt a horse like that.

He approached them from behind and sneaked up on them. With the A button, you can jump on your back and make Link sit up. So far, so good, but a nag doesn’t necessarily obey you right away. At best, a rideable pedestal will sometimes refuse to obey your commands. But there are also very noisy and moody animals that want to immediately get rid of Link on his back and defend themselves against involuntary “grabbing” in all its forms.

In this case, press the L button and if you do it at the right moment, Link will pet the animal on the head and pink particles will appear. This shows that you are doing the right thing and building confidence.

The link must creep behind the animal and not make any noise or it will run away.

Tip: Spotted/Beybald horses seem to be more calm in temper and not short-tempered. Here it can happen when you ride that you can start riding right away and the horse doesn’t want to kick you out. So it is better to start with such an animal. Later you can grab one of the monochrome horses.

Although they are difficult to tame, they also have more stamina. Also keep an eye out for Bokblins who ride horses. You can hit their backs with a melee weapon or arrow without harming the animal. Horses rescued in this way also bond with you instantly and even show a higher emotion from the start.

You can also sail up to a group of horses from a high place and surprise them from above by landing on one of their backs – saving you the hassle of stealth. Anyway, the first thing you’ll do is go through the Twin Mountains stables in front of Kakariko and meet Fussaren there, who has the side quest “The Tomboy” for you. As part of this, you will become familiar with mechanics.

Ride other wild animals

Just as you can tame and ride a horse, other wild animals such as deer or bears can be used as a means of riding—at least for a while. The procedure is the same as when taming horses: sneak up on your chosen stand from behind in a crouching position and jump over the A button. Ideally, if you’ve already worked on your stealth stats or at least ate something cooked that gives you a stealth bonus, it will be a lot easier .

Unlike a real horse that will slowly get used to you, the wild Hyrule is less exciting than having you on its back. Means: They try to get rid of you regularly. You also can’t record it in a stable, which makes it more of a temporary fix. However, if you have a long road ahead and you do not have a horse at hand, a wild animal is the only thing – it is better to ride poorly than to walk well.

increase affection

And even if you calm a horse and can ride it, it will always have its own way and try to get out of it. The bond should then gently guide it towards him and pat the horse’s head with the L button, increasing the affection.

You can see the passion in the stables. Horses rescued by Bokblins have stronger bonds with you right from the start.

Each horse has a level of affection that you can read about in the stables once the animal is registered there (see below). Essentially, the level indicates how reliable a nag is to follow the link entry. If the value 100 is reached, it follows the link without hesitation and reacts to its input as reliably as possible. Tip: Stand in front of the horse with a carrot or apple in your hand (check “Take your hands” in the inventory). A small snack is a great way to increase affection.

horse log

Do you have a cute animal under your ass, but that’s not over yet. In order for the horse to become completely “yours”, you must register it. For this you have to get to one of the designated stables. There are several stables in Hyrule. The first is the stable in the Twin Mountains on the way to Kakariko.

You can register it in a stable for a one-time fee and then get your “own” horse.

To score a horse (ZL + A key), you have to put 20 rubies on the table at once. The bridle and saddle are included in the price of that one horse each time you enroll a new Klepper. You can then enter a name for the animal and see the level of affection for the first time. It also has some values ​​expressed in stars. The most important of course is stamina and speed, as the horse must go from A to B quickly and not give up immediately. If you are not satisfied with these values, you are welcome to look for another better animal.

call the horse

You can store the horses you own in the stables and pick them up again. Very convenient if you are just passing through a stable and want more horsepower under your butt. If your horse is nearby, you can entice it with a whistle. To do this, press the down arrow key and when it is close enough to hear it, it will come trotting.

The range is somewhat limited. If the animal is a few hundred meters away (or even in a completely different area), it will not hear you. In this case, you will have to walk there and get close before the whistle sounds. Refer to the map, where you can determine the position of the animal based on the horse’s head.

horse guiding

You should get the hang of the ride pretty fast. Control as usual with the left stick. By pressing button A, you can allow your horse to enter a faster pace. This goes in stages from a normal gait to a trot to a full trot.

CAUTION: If you go full speed and keep driving your animal, 1 point of its stamina will be used per race (yellow star-like icons). However, if you push it until all your stamina points are used up, your mare will be exhausted and will only be able to run at a low speed for some time. Your horse will automatically restore the Stamina Points it uses over time. Logically, horses with higher endurance values ​​also have more strengths available.

If possible, avoid pushing your horse to its limits, because in the long run it will slow you down more than it will help you. Combat exceptions, such as a quick chase or escape, are of course something else. You can slow down your pet’s speed by pressing backward on the left stick. When talking about combat, steering your horse to the side or to the back often comes in handy here. To do this, you have to hold down the ZL key.

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