A comparison of Easter chocolate bunnies: Kinder, Lidl, Aldi and Lindt

How do you recognize a really good chocolate Easter bunny? Every year I ask myself this question and I can’t answer it. How important is the price of chocolate bunnies and how colorful should the packaging be? This year I read an article in a Swiss daily with chocolatier Fabian Riemann. He explained the main characteristics by which one can measure Easter chocolate bunnies. In this article, I will tell you how to recognize a good chocolate Easter bunny and how much it should cost.

We’ll be Easter bunnies LindtAnd LidlAnd ALDI And children Compare them and explain the advantages of each brand.

Easter chocolate bunnies comparison

What makes chocolate good?

Chocolatier Fabian Rimann explained that several factors play a role in good chocolate: aroma, breakage, taste and appearance. The taste is important, of course, but it is very individual and different.

  • If you open a package of chocolate or a chocolate Easter bunny, you should smell it first: Does chocolate smell like cocoa or does it smell like sugar? If it’s the latter, you can be sure that the chocolate was made cheaply.
  • Chocolate must “Lovely rest time”. So it should crack when you break it. Chocolate that is too soft contains a lot of fat.
  • The consistency of the chocolate should be even. It should not form lumps in your mouth.
  • As already mentioned, the taste of chocolate is individual and completely different. Some people like it sweeter, others like it salty. However, Riemann explains that one can expect a “round taste experience” of good chocolate. It should “resonate” for ten minutesEven if you swallowed it a long time ago.
  • Above all, Rayman is The coat structure of the chocolate Easter bunnies is important. The overall score must also be included in the calculation as to whether and how it is “made up”.
  • eyebrow, so the seam where the two are Gluing the Easter bunny halves together is also a sign of quality. Handmade Easter bunnies have a larger and thicker forehead than handmade Easter bunnies.

Easter chocolate bunnies comparison

Now we will delve deeper into Germany’s most famous Easter bunnies. Our brands LindtAnd LidlAnd ALDI And children Procedure. We’ll also include Riemann’s opinion of rabbits’ judgment. He made this judgment based on the current selection of chocolate bunnies for Easter in Switzerland.

Lindt Easter Bunny. Source: Lindt

1. Lindt Easter Bunny

This Easter bunny is a true classic and shouldn’t be missing from most people this Easter. It is wrapped in gold foil He has the iconic little bell hanging around his neck. The red ribbon is his trademark.

Just because this Easter bunny is classic doesn’t mean it’s tastier. Because if you unpack the Easter bunny, it’s less well known. It has no fur structure and chocolate does not shine. According to Riemann, the taste is good: milky and fruity.

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Lidl Easter Bunny. Credit: Lidl

2. Lidl Easter Bunny

easter bunnies Lidl Available in a variety of designs. If you like it colorful and crazy, you’ve come to the right place. The latest models are mixed with crunchy strawberries and hazelnut pieces. But of course there are also natural Easter bunnies made with milk chocolate.

Riemann explains that Easter bunnies from Lidl It was poured quite thickly, that is, it had “a lot of bacon on the ribs”. It smells delicious, but the taste is not entirely convincing. It is sticky sweet.

3. Aldi Chocolate Easter Bunny

easter bunnies ALDI This year is very reminiscent of the classic Easter bunnies from Lindt. They also sit on rabbits and come in different versions: It is available in dark, white and milk chocolate. also necklace Lindt– Rabbits were taken here. They come with a small bow tie and badge. during the Lindt– Gold pane costs 3.19 euros per 100 grams ALDIIts price is 1.49 euros per 150 grams, which is much cheaper.

However, it is important for Riemann to mention that Easter bunnies from ALDI It has neither fracture nor enamel. it pose sticky lumps in the mouth And the taste is a bit stale.

Easter bunny from children. Credit: Ferrero

4. Kinder Chocolate Rabbit

subordinate Chocolate for kids The Easter bunny is also a classic among the chocolate bunnies. It’s coming with me Lots of frills and colorful decorations, Because it is not just an Easter bunny, but also a toy. The Easter bunny is wrapped in blue or pink paper. It should be different colors for boys and girls.

If you open it, a file will come childrenEgg Surprise Reveal: A dream for every child and (almost) every adult.

subordinate children Easter bunny special from outside Gently glued, but this rabbit also does not show any structure of fur. Also, this bunny’s breakout is very low because it is especially soft and sticky. This is mainly due to the white and brown chocolate known to children. White chocolate consists mainly of milk cream and is incredibly sweet.

She currently has Ferrero A large voluntary recall of several products has begun. The problem here is the potential for salmonella poisoning. Among the items retrieved are surprise eggs.

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