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TORONTO, ONTARIO – April 6, 2022 – Graph Blockchain Inc. is pleased. (“Graph” or “Company”) (CSE: GBLC) (OTC: REGRF) (FSE: RT5A) to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, New World Inc (New World) and its newest global ambassador Ronaldinho have joined forces in Toronto. New World has been taken to Ronaldinho to shoot and produce a marketing campaign, which is part of the upcoming NFT-exclusive collection on the New World platform and an in-person event later this year. During production, New World created both photo and video content and used 3D scanning technology to create augmented reality NTFs for Ronaldinho.

During his stay in the city, Ronaldinho had the opportunity to celebrate Canadian football with FC Toronto and celebrate Brazil and Canada’s qualification for the upcoming World Cup. Ronaldinho also took the opportunity to attend the Toronto Raptors’ match with superstar Nav Bhatia. For the occasion, Ronaldinho wore a New World Diogo Snow hoodie, announcing the upcoming release of NFT to fans and players around the world, including former Toronto Raptors player Kyle Lowry.

New World is expanding its network and global reach to attract artists, celebrities, and musicians to its platform. The company is looking to create NFTs with a global focus and continue to innovate in the field of augmented reality.

About New World Inc.

New World is an NFT company focused on augmented reality art that gives artists, musicians, and celebrities access to the NFT distribution platform to create and sell digital art. By selling digital art, artists can reach a wider market (geographically and demographics), and because of the blockchain, they continue to benefit financially through economic participation in future sales. New World built this platform and already has prominent artists such as Diogo Snow, who has produced many works for celebrity clients such as Drake and Fetty Wap, American rapper, singer and songwriter who has more than 6.5 million followers on Instagram, as well as many other contractors . For more information about the New World, visit

About Graph Blockchain Inc.

The Graph Blockchain offers its contributors exposure to various areas of Decentralized Finance (DeFI). Focusing on cryptocurrency through its wholly owned subsidiary of Babbage Mining Corp. , a Proof of Stake (POS) mining company, and Beyond the Moon Inc. Graph, a company focused on IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings), Graph offers investors exposure to market-wide crypto-futures with the major technological revolution and potential gains that altcoins mean. Additionally, by investing in New World, Graph offers its shareholders exposure to the emerging and rapidly growing NFT market. For more information about the company, visit

For more information please contact:
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Michael Vasil

Paul Haber, CEO

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