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The horse Jenny on the road in Frankfurt: Her rides through Fechenheim are famous. © Boris Roessler / dpa

The horse “Jenny” has always been an integral part of the Fechenheim district of Frankfurt. But now there is bad news, she is very sick.

Frankfurt – The gray mare Jenny, who always puts a smile on the neighbors’ faces and gives a lot of comfort in the time of Corona, has cancer. The horse is known all over the world because it has been walking alone through Fechenheim every day for many years.

Jenny (26 years old) is one of the most beautiful horses in the world. Friendly, attentive, curious and always in a good mood. On Google alone there are over 114 million entries about it in German and English because it is so unique and people all over the world feel sad when a gray mare walks in the Frankfurt area alone. But the hearts of Ann, Werner, and Eichshel are in a lot of pain right now. “We have Jenny who has cancer,” says her owner (81) and swallows hard. Tumors are not operable.

Frankfurt: The famous horse Jenny is seriously ill – the owner does not want to lose hope

White melanoma is the name for the type of cancer that affects 60 to 80 percent of all white horses. The researchers hypothesize that the cause is the gray gene carried by mold. Gray horses are born with dark fur and later turn white. “We now go to Hanover every two weeks,” said the good animal-lover Weichiedl.

So that Jenny could be treated there, he bought her a van for 100,000 euros. “We got it all together, but she’s our Jenny and she can live another nine years,” he says hopefully. “Jenny shouldn’t die and we don’t want to be bouncing around in a trailer. That’s 700 kilometers each way.”

Werner Wechidel scratches the head of his Arabian mare
Werner Wechsdel scratches the head of his Arabian horse Jenny, a Frankfurt celebrity. (File photo) © Boris Roessler / dpa

Concern in Frankfurt: The horse’s companion Jenny has already died of cancer

Since 2015, the Equine Clinic of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover has been investigating the clinical efficacy of a melanoma vaccine that has already been approved for dogs in the USA and has shown good results in horses. “Jenny is now also in the study. It’s clear that the treatment stops the cancer. We’re seeing that in other horses that took part in the study years ago,” explains Wiechedel.

Jenny used to have mates. Gray mare Charlie died of gray cancer five years ago, white shepherd Eva three years ago. The Weischedels family also had to put down a white Shepherd Evita last year at the age of 14. When they were still alive, they traveled through Fechenheim like a white caravan. Ann, Werner, and Eichschel ride on horses and dogs with them. Now Chico’s little toothless deer still lives with them, cats, chickens, pigeons, canaries and infected birds of prey, which Wichdel lovingly nurses.

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Frankfurt: The cost of treating a mare, Jenny, is prohibitive

Nearly 100 animals dash and roam among the orange trees, palm trees, fig trees and colorful flowers. “We love animals. Every single one of them,” said the man with pigtails, who volunteers to hunt, fish, bat, and preserve landscapes and as a field gunner in Mainbogen. “And we especially love Jenny.”

In order to be able to afford the huge costs of gene therapy, the couple severely restrain themselves. “Jenny makes every fan happy and she should stay that way for a long time to come,” the man wishes, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. “Somehow we can do it. She’s not in pain and that gives us hope.” At the moment, Jenny has to go to Hanover every two weeks. If treatment is successful, the period is extended to every six weeks. “The horses we saw in Hanover had all died a long time ago without studying,” he says. “The horses come from all over Germany, some have been treated for years and are living happily ever after because the cancer has stopped.”

Weischedel doesn’t want to create a donation account, even though many people are already asking about it on Facebook. “Jenny is not a club, but she is a wonderful part of our family,” says her owner, who can hear the stress he is experiencing. “We need our strength for Jenny, don’t put it in bureaucratic processes. This is very complicated.” (Sabine Schramek)

Lady Horse Jenny has recently gained fame outside the borders of Hesse because she has acted in a movie.

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