Online course “An animal and insect friendly garden”: this is how your garden becomes a natural oasis

It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a new garden and make it animal and insect friendly, whether your green paradise should have a wild corner for wild bees or amphibians, or whether you already have a small nature garden but are doing more for the animal and plant world that it wants : With important information, tips and practical ideas, the online course accompanies you on this path.

Plus, with around 50 practical videos, many step-by-step instructions, lists of insect-friendly plants and much more, two absolute gardeners are waiting to share their focused knowledge with you. With our online course “An Insect and Animal Friendly Garden”, it’s easy to provide a habitat for beneficial insects and ensure more biodiversity at your doorstep.

An animal and insect friendly park – every season!

Wondering about choosing a plant that can be used to serve as many different insects as possible, such as bees, butterflies, and scissors, for a rich buffet – all season long? Maybe you also have a nesting box in the garden, but you can’t explain why no bird would want to move to a remote place? Or do you want to offer wintering places to animals like hedgehogs, lizards, and frogs, but you don’t really know what the best shelter should look like? You may also be wondering how you can contribute as a balcony gardener?

In our online course “An animal and insect friendly park” we give you answers to these and many other questions. Take our experts Dieke van Dieken and Annalena Lüthje through the seasons and implement all kinds of projects for your garden, balcony or terrace together. You will definitely succeed with our video tutorials! Because: It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, fall or winter – you can always and everywhere do something to support and protect animals, insects and plants.

By the way: Many materials are available for download, so you can read anything worth knowing at any time and always have building instructions at hand.

From nesting boxes to lizard castles: create a paradise for animals with our online course

Do you want to know what the perfect natural garden actually looks like? We’ll show you that in the course. Then choose – very flexibly – all the information and projects that you can and want to implement on your plot of green space. Because of course there is no “necessity” on the way to a natural garden, there are many different possibilities!

So don’t just learn which plants enrich the garden or balcony and when, and which animals and insects you can do well with. For example, create a lively hedge with our experts in the springtime, when many birds, mammals, and amphibians later feel at home. Last but not least, pruning future shrubs is always advantageously taken care of. Invite birds to breed in your garden with a DIY nest box. Or how about an insect hotel? Wild bees especially like to lay their eggs in it. With our instructions in the online course, you can get started right away. We will also tell you what to consider when building and installing on the balcony and garden.

In the summer, when temperatures rise, water is a big problem. Learn, among other things, how best to water the plants and at the same time save the precious commodity. Or how you can build a birdbath or small pond with little effort and provide bees and other animals with a valuable watering hole.

In the fall it’s time to say: a little turbulence allowed! Since it doesn’t matter whether it’s a pile of leaves, fallen fruit or uncut perennials – with many “messy” corners, you can save food and living space in the landscape garden. Of course, you can also build different places yourself – we have the right instructions for animals and insects such as hedgehogs, lacewings and lizards, ready for you in the online course “An animal and insect friendly garden”. We’ll also tell you what measures you can take now to take action for next spring.

Last but not least, find out what you can do in winter to accompany animals and plants well during the cold season. What should be considered when feeding birds? How can feathered fellows be better supported on the balcony and why is it good to plant a wild rose now? Alternatively, how do you do it right?

Whether in the garden or on the balcony: get started with our course right away!

As you can see: in our online course “A Zoo & Insect Friendly” we offer you extensive knowledge that is easy to implement and suitable for the season. Gerade in Zeiten, in denen Nahrungsquellen und natürlicher Lebensraum von Tieren und Insekten beispielsweise durch Straßen- und Wohnungsbau, aber auch aufgrund der modernen Landwirtschaft immer Tier weiter schwindet, ist dem füren zu e zuhnungsbau, Landwirtschaft immer weiter schwindet, ist dem stunz wer zu den City. This does not exclude resource-saving gardening and biological protection of plants. Here, too, our garden experts Dieke van Dieken and Annalena Lüthje have several tips and tricks ready for you. Just get started with us right away!

All information about the online course “A Zoo and Insect Friendly” can be found here.

Animals and Insects: Online Course for Balcony Only

Have a balcony but no garden? No problem! Our Animal and Insect Friendly Porch online course is about the outdoor green room and how you can support the animals and insects there all year round. All information about the course can be found here.

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