Plant flies cause disgust: caterpillars hatch from the skin of vacationers

The larvae of a particular species of cotyledon fly have humans as hosts.

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Humans host one of the larvae of the buckthorn fly, so vacationers in some countries should be careful.

At first, a vacationer in Panama feels only stitches on his back. And don’t think about anything. So at some point the puncture sites become “pimples” and eventually the bumps. The bumps in which he feels movement, until he hears faint sounds. Then the insecure guy asks his friends to take a closer look at his back. But when they see it, they feel cold horror and feel like they are in a horror movie. The reason: Through the holes in the piles of skin, they see fly larvae eating their way through human flesh.

The Internet is full of horror stories about arthropods. Recently, elite soldiers reported painful spider encounters in Afghanistan and Iraq. About deadly monsters, the wars waged by humans against “bloodthirsty murders” are said to have had the character of an orphan boy. While there is more myth than truth here, the situation is different with fly larvae under human skin. Thanks to a very specific fly…

family plants (Oestridae)
dependency Flies (Brachycera)
Ocean About 100 (ten of them are in Central Europe)
Categories Insects in the skin, nose, throat and stomach
Only species that affect humans human skin phobia

On return to Germany: holidaymakers have fly larvae under their skin

The only species of plant fly that also uses humans as the final host for its larvae is the one found in Central and South America. human skin phobia. And the insect is very skilled, like an online knowledge magazine mentioned. Because: “A potential host can recognize a fly by its appearance or even by the sound of its flight and its protection.” It is for this reason that the plant fly uses a blood-sucking resource – including the most dangerous animal in the world – which carries the eggs of an animal or human.

This is how the robot fly Dermatobia hominis lays its eggs

The female lays her eggs on the insects, and then transports them to their destination. In flight, vampires like mosquitoes usually attack – eggs are usually deposited on their stomachs. When these larvae land on a vertebrate, the larvae hatch and burrow into the host’s skin to feed on blood and lymph fluid. They spend five to ten weeks in the body in a lump-like swelling – until they come out.

there human skin phobia At home in South and Central America, cases in Germany are known only among returning travelers. Like the 32-year-old vacationer in Guatemala, according to the official body of the German Dental Association zm mentioned. The man went to the clinic for oral and maxillofacial surgery at Rostock University Medical Center with a boil on his cheek and said he had been bitten by a spider. He continued, “I continued to report episodes of localized pain, with strong subjective activity, such as ‘whirlpools’, in the swollen cheek area, especially at night.”

Germany: Vacationers bring fly larvae under the skin from some countries

After consulting with the attending physicians a tropical medicine specialist, the suspicion of a parasitic skin disease in a man – in the form of myiasis of the skin (flyworm disease) was confirmed. Operationally removed “configuration”. zm He writes: “After the skin is incised and the cavity in the cheek is opened, a live fly larva can be completely extracted.” Microscopic and parasitological evaluation finally showed the ‘presence’ of the type fly. human skin phobia calendar. Signs of myiasis are:

  • An infected insect bite does not heal
  • A bulging protrusion with a central opening
  • The appearance of cloudy secretion under pressure
  • First itching, then pain and movement in the bump later

However, there is good news for people who have become fly bot hosts human skin phobia has become. Because apart from the described signs and the possible disgust of carrying a parasite under the skin, there are no serious consequences – unlike the bite of a certain type of killer insect. employment “Once the larva is removed, the wound heals quickly and the scars are minimal,” she says.

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