“Love in the Mind – Experience of Marriage”: This is the new dating show

“Love in the Mind – The Experience of Marriage”
This is the new dating show

“Love in Mind – Marriage Experience”: Yvonne is looking for a suitable husband.

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“The Bachelor” is over, and “Love Island” is about to end. But fans of dome shows are getting supplies “with love in mind.”

With ‘Love in Mind – The Experience of Marriage’ a new dating show starts on Monday (April 11) at 8:15 pm. Saturday 1. Also present: 28 singles aged between 26 and 58 from Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Brandenburg Nord Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Switzerland. They all want to blindly trust their senses on their own in order to find the right partner.

“Love in the Mind,” so to speak, is an upgraded version of the format “The 5 Senses of Love” (Saturday 1). It reminds us of Netflix Love is Blind. The singles have six episodes to get to know each other and, at best, to leave the show as a happy couple. First of all, it is important to approach each other with all of your senses in different experimental phases. When you smell, talk, touch and first kiss, you should ignite without singles seeing each other.

If there’s a proper attraction, courtship follows first eye contact and a holiday together, during which the couple can get to know each other intensely. If the experience pays off, the couples tie the knot and start a happy marriage. As announced Saturday 1 in advance, at least half of the candidates will participate. The film was shot in Germany and Fuerteventura at the end of 2021.


These candidates face the experience: party singer and professional boxer Alicia, 33, from Buchholz (NI) finally wants to find the right person, smell and sound are most important to her in the marriage experience: “If you can’t smell someone or don’t like their voice, don’t I can imagine it anymore.” Self-employed trade show host and stripper, Yvonne (35) from Hamburg (HH), has lasted no more than three years, but she no longer wants to live life alone – “For me, marriage is the sign that I finally got it for someone “.

The other nominees are: Ivonne (51) from Bad Berleburg (NW), Tina (41) from Cloppenburg (NI), Aurora (33) from Treuenbrietzen (BB), Isabella (36) and Josephine (34) from Hamburg (HH), Tatiana (41) from Elsdorf (SH), Josie (28) from Cologne (NW), Katharina (34) from Gangelt (NW), Zhenya (30) from Dortmund (NW), Cathay (30) from Reutlingen (BW) ), Sandra (35) from Albstadt (BW) and Sabrina (36) from Zurich (CH).

Born in the Netherlands, Gary (38) from Le Landeron (CH) has been single for three years. An electronics store owner lives very modestly in a caravan with two cats, does not care about large possessions and wishes for a woman who thinks this way. Amadeus (35) from Saulheim (RP) has been single for eight years. “I only want to get married when I find the right partner so I can finally start a family.”

The other nominees are Andreas (30) and Ronnie (36) from Schwerin (MV), Thorsten (45) from Weihe (né), Matthias (58) from Angersten (né), Chris (30) from Düsseldorf (NW), Daniel (35) from Gelsenkirchen (NW), James (29) from Petersberg (RP), Julian (28) from Kassel (HE), Sören (26) from Heppenheim (HE), Malte (42) from Ehingen (BW), Labi (38) from Freising (BY) and Thomas (38) from Wörth/Erding (BY).

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If you need more reality show supplies, you’ll find it on Netflix. Because in addition to “Love Makes You Blind”, where couples get to know each other and treat each other away from the wall, the “Warning – Marry or Move” has also recently been provided. While one partner is ready for marriage, the other in social experience has doubts about the big move. Uncertain partners face an ultimatum: in the next eight weeks of the show, they must decide whether they want to leave the show engaged or say goodbye to their better half.

In the meantime, the old ties will be severed for the time being. Because each participant is looking for a new potential partner among other couples. Then they move in together for three weeks and then have to decide: Should they leave the show alone, bond with their partner or even make a new love?

The first episodes have been available on Netflix since April 6, and the final and reunion episode will be available on the streaming service from April 13.


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