Love Storm: Will there be a big wedding at the end of the season?

“Love Storm”
Will there be a big wedding for the end of the season?

“Storm of Love”: Maja von Thalheim (Christina Arends) and Florian Vogt (Arne Löber) are the couple’s dream for season 17.

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‘Love Storm’ news on GALA tape: Will there be a big happy ending to the season finale for Maja and Florian? +++ Fürstenhof was mixed with +++ Sweet smooch photo proving the “colleague’s love” on set.

“Love Storm”: data and facts

  • ‘Love Storm’ is the German Telenovela for love in ‘The First’
  • It works from Monday to Friday at 3:10 pm
  • On September 26, 2005, “Love Storm” was broadcast for the first time
  • There are 17 seasons so far
  • The film “Love Storm” was created in Bavaria’s Filmstadt in Munich. The location of the Fürstenhof is a small town in Upper Bavaria.

“Love Storm” 2021: a snapshot of all the news

September 17, 2021

Will the seventeenth season end with a dream wedding?

In season seventeen, the focus is mainly on the love story of Maja von Thalheim (Christina Arends) and Florian Vogt (Arne Löber). After the shocking diagnosis of Lyme disease, he fears for his life. And the audience trembles with him. Will he die to serial death? Meanwhile, Maja is still struggling with the decision between himself and Hannes. ARD’s preview suggests at least there will be a happy ending for her and Florian. If Florian wins the battle against his illness, it could mean fans can look forward to a dream wedding in the fall at the big season finale.

In previous years, the grand finale was usually broadcast in October. Despite the uncertain future of the popular telenovela, the eighteenth season has already begun and will begin immediately after that, that is, this fall. After that, everything will revolve around a new dream couple, which are known to be presented to viewers in advance.

September 15, 2021

A new role is causing a lot of chaos

It’s no secret that things are often dramatic at the Fürstenhof. Love, pain, anger and disappointments converge here – and the turmoil should only increase in the coming weeks.

In Episode 3679, Constanze von Thalheim (Sofia Schiller, 26) arrives at Fürstenhof and actually stirs up the relationship between Maja (Christina Arends, 30) and Florian (Arne Löber, 28) on the first day. After a few beers together in Bräustüberl, Sophia and Florian end up in bed! Hot: Konstanz is Maya’s half-sister. A circumstance that could make one night of them dangerous…

Constance (Sofia Schiller, left) faces her sister Maga (Christina Arends, right).

Constance (Sofia Schiller, left) faces her sister Maga (Christina Arends, right).

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September 14, 2021

‘Mother of Love’ on set: Viola Wedekind posts a kissing picture

On the set, the name says it all: there is a lot of love between colleagues. At least that’s what this cute Instagram message posted by Viola Wedekind, 43-year-old Sturm der Liebe star, suggests. Actress “Arianne Kahlenberg” delights her fans with a kissing photo from the filming of the famous telenovela.

In the shot, she gave a kiss on the cheek to fellow 44-year-old Lorenzo Battani (“Robert Salfield”). Photography partner Deborah Muller (“Cornelia Holle”), 39, is also part of the party and kisses Lorenzo from the other side. The cute shot provides Viola with hashtags like “colleague love” and “backstage” — and jokes about the three-moment: She says “threesome” under her picture.

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Lorenzo’s “The Rooster in the Basket” between the two women was also well received by fans: “Dream man!” Happy user says. Others even regret his role: “You’re making it really hard for Robert!”. The Love Storm community is very pleased with the threesome kiss. One follower wrote: “Maybe you 3 will be the new team” – with such colleagues it is definitely more fun to work.

September 13, 2021

What was Lia’s previous relationship with Patrick?

After Lia (Deborah Müller, 39) suddenly encounters her ex Patrick Krieger (Peter Schorn, 43) on a walk, things get turbulent at the “Fürstenhof”. He hints that he wants her back, which Leah refuses at first, insisting that she is happily engaged in it. Meanwhile, Robert is convinced that her ex-boyfriend wants to get a hotel job through her.

Aryan (Viola Wedekind) pays Patrick (Peter Schorne) to break up Leah and Robert.

Aryan (Viola Wedekind) pays Patrick (Peter Schorne) to break up Leah and Robert.

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Soon, Patrick swore that he was definitely not looking for a job at the “Fürstenhof” and managed to calm Leah a little. Meanwhile, Robert decided to devote more time to Lia. But soon Arrian knew how to cleverly fuel his jealousy of Patrick once more.

You can watch what’s happening with Lia, Robert and Patrick in advance at the ARD Media Library and on Monday (September 13) at 3:10pm on the first.

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You can watch “Sturm der Liebe” Monday through Friday at 3:10 p.m. on the ARD.

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