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Will there be another big chance for the PS5 before the Easter holidays? Sometimes bigger drops come before the holidays… We explain the current situation and tell you where to buy the console.

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Latest reports on Sony PlayStation 5 availability. Find out more about the current situation here.

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You currently have the highest chance of getting PS5 at these distributors. CAUTION: The number of controllers per drop is currently very low.

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Buy or pre-order PS5: current status

  • Amazon promises biggest opportunity for PS5 before Easter
  • It’s too late for Otto and Euronics
  • Drop at Playstation Direct in Germany is still pending

Playstation Direct goes on sale in the UK tomorrow. Unfortunately, nothing is happening in Germany (yet). Sales are usually by invitation only. If you haven’t signed up for Playstation Direct yet, do so now. We explain how to do this in our “Buy PS5 Directly From Sony” article.

Amazon remains the hottest candidate for PS5 on WednesdayWednesday is the classic Amazon drop day. However, the typical mentions are missing, so there are no major ads for any listing. In our guide to buying a PS5 from Amazon, we explain how you can better prepare for a rollback from a mail order company.

Anyone interested in buying a PS5 from Amazon Italy, Spain, France and Co. should take a look at the linked article. Much can be revealed: it works in principle, but you need to take into account a few things.

Make sure to watch Amazon! We wouldn’t be surprised if a bigger slice sold out before Easter.

Other notable candidates are Otto and Euronics. At Otto, we’ve been waiting for the console for about a month and a half, and the last Euronics drop was over three months ago. Both traders were absent from the last big wave.

It remains the PS5’s only ‘E-like-simple’ safe filter. PlayStation 5 can currently be purchased from there in connection with electricity or gas tariffs. The provider had previously offered it for 349 euros, and now the price has dropped to 299 euros. “E-wie-Easy” adds 12 months of PS Plus and Horizon Forbidden West to console.

at E how easy it is Request a PS5 bundle*


According to several Conrads, the PS5 could be introduced again at the beginning of April. Fan reports from the online community forum suggest this. A bundle is offered with the console, FIFA 22 and Horizon Forbidden West. To be on the safe side, ask at a Conrad store in your area. The following will take you to the branch finder.

at Konrad Find a branch*


There are similar rumors about Cyberport. A visit to the branch can also be useful here.

Unfortunately, reports of suspicious offers also accumulate in many markets. Don’t just be on Amazon or eBay Expensive keyboards includedKaufland also offers control panels at prices over €800. Always pay attention to the seller and sender in the mentioned stores.

Media Market Multiple Purchase Campaign

Media Market Multiple Purchase Campaign

You still have 2 weeks left in Media Market Buy three games and get one free. Offer valid on select PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC games. There are over 200 games to choose from for the PS5, including Gran Turismo 7, Elden Ring, and Horizon Forbidden West.

at media market Multiple buy promotion*


You can save with the campaign until Easter, but you should think carefully about the toys you put in your cart. You only get the cheapest free game. By the way, you can currently get something for free in Saturn. There is currently a “Free VAT” campaign. We explain what the procedure is all about in the linked article.

Buy PS5 in Switzerland or Austria

The conditions in Austria and Switzerland are comparable with Germany: the console is sold very quickly, both online and offline. You also have the best opportunities out there in the relevant online stores.

Top 5 stores in Austria

Top 5 stores in Switzerland

Buy PS5 from Amazon Spain, Italy, France or UK

Of course you can also search across national borders to see if you want to buy a PS5 abroad. If you want to do it Focus on Amazon and only buy consoles that Amazon sells and ships with.

PS5 Insider appears daily and is constantly updated. As soon as the PS5 hardware becomes available somewhere, we will inform you immediately in our article series. At the same time, we’ll keep you updated with individual articles for retailers.

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