School Bags for Our Kids: What Parents Should Know About Transport for School Books and Exercise Books

(advertisement/service). Each new stage in a child’s life is a challenge for the parents. Of course in a positive way. The first day in kindergarten didn’t seem like that long and now it’s time to start planning for school. An unforgettable event, heralding a new and very long stage in a child’s life. The danger of life begins, as is often said.

Parents now have to deal with the basic things that children will need in school in the future. This starts with buying several utensils, such as exercise books, pens, and gym bags, all the way to the school bag.

Modern bags: they should be light, compact and safe

School bags have changed dramatically over the past few decades. Constant improvement contributed to the fact that modern school bags are not only of a more ergonomic shape, but also improved in the division of subjects.

The empty weight of the bag should be kept as low as possible. The lighter the bag, the lighter the overall weight when storing books and the like. According to, brands like McNeill, Ergobag and Scout have specialized in school bags for first graders, among other things. Especially light models are offered, so that even young children no longer have to worry about carrying a fully packed school bag. In addition, belts can be used today, depending on the model, which are tied around the stomach. It can be compared to the function of a hiking backpack.

Light weight is one thing. In the meantime, the concept of security has been greatly increased. Many fluorescent elements are attached multiple times. The light from the headlights is optimally reflected. Moreover, some models have additional LED lights that not only look great but are also part of another safety feature.

The perfect fit for the bag: This must be taken into account

Proper sizing is especially important for first grade schoolbags in elementary school. Good models are adjustable in height. In this way, the bag can be optimally adapted to the respective body size. In addition, the straps can be changed and there must be a back cushion. If you bought a school bag online, then first you should try different models in a specialized store. On the one hand to see how the seat is in reality and on the other hand to get an impression of the workmanship and division of the compartments.

After elementary school, it’s time for the next model. Here, too, parents should pay attention to the optimal seat. Because the child is still growing.

Make perfect use of the storage space in the bag

Many people are rightly amazed at the number of items that will be carried in school bags in the future. In most schools, a certain portion is allowed to remain in the school, but there are still enough utensils that can be taken from home to school each day. Therefore, the division of materials in the school bag plays a role that should not be underestimated. Ideally, the bag is divided into at least two main compartments, and preferably three. Heavy books are inserted in the back.

Then follow folders and workbooks, which are often A4 in size. The smaller exercise books and homework notebook are now placed in front of it. Pencil cases, pencil cases, compasses, and the like can also be stored here. If there was no more room for this, it wouldn’t be particularly dramatic.

Otherwise, at least three more topics are recommended. The lunch box is kept in one box. Drinking bottles have now found a good place abroad. Almost all brands have included a separate bottle pocket for this.

Bus cards, house keys and sunglasses can be packed into other compartments. It is important that first graders develop a good and simple school bag packing system. After the school day is over, neither mom nor dad is there to help with packing.

Appearance: Never leave the baby outside when choosing a bag

The choice of individual models is overwhelming. No matter if you are looking for a primary school bag or a high school school bag. The truth is that parents should involve their offspring in the choice. After all, it is the child who will carry the school bag with them every day in the future. It will be a bad investment if you find ideas in it that you do not like at all.

It’s a little tightrope work that parents complete. On the one hand, it should look good and on the other hand it should be practical and safe. It is advisable to focus on one or two brands and then choose from the collection.

Finally, a little savings tip: Last year’s collections are reduced in most cases. The set’s offerings, which contain a matching gym bag and a filled pencil case, are cheaper than buying them individually — and a more neutral choice of item prevents a child from finding an unpleasant schoolbag design after only a few months.

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