Baden-Württemberg: People should avoid these eight spiders

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Spiders are useful animals – but people in Baden-Württemberg should beware of these eight species.

Spiders elicit a primal fear in many people. Because it has eight legs, most of them are hairy and it is also poisonous. Horror films contribute to the bad image of animals as do frightening myths* circulating around the world. Eight-legged friends are very useful creatures and just want to be left on their own. And people should take that into consideration with these eight species of spiders that occur in Baden-Württemberg. Otherwise, they are in real danger* mentioned.

The water spider*, native to the state of Baden-Württemberg, lives in slowly flowing waters, lakes and swamps. So it is almost impossible to meet people. However, if this happened in their kingdom, then the protected animal, which in fact is not at all aggressive, knows how to defend itself. A sting similar to a bee sting for those who do not suffer from allergies. But much more important: if water spiders died in Baden-Württemberg, then agriculture would throw nature out of balance with liquid fertilizer and pesticides.

Season Arthropods
tribe Arthropods
sub tribe jaw holder
Known species about 100,000

Baden-Württemberg: It is better to avoid these eight spiders

The situation is similar to another eight-legged friend from Baden-Württemberg. Especially since it is a representative of the tarantula. Yes, you heard it right: the common background spider* belongs to the suborder of Tarantulas – and it lives literally “among us”. In garden soils where small animals build their snare tubes. If someone touches them while digging, a bite can occur. Consequences of this regional infection: itching and discoloration of the site of swelling, possibly fever.

The common wallpaper spider is a “tarantula” and really lives “among us” in BW.

© H. Bellmann / dpa picture alliance

Baden-Württemberg: These spiders react to human threats with a bite

On the other hand, number three among the most harmful species in BW spiders is an introduced species. But giant: the wingspan of a crab spider in a warm house * can reach 30 cm. For those with arachnophobia, the peace-loving animal actually becomes a bogeyman. Because it appears not only in greenhouses in this country, but also in the supermarket as an imported “banana spider”. and cares Heteropod venatoria For excitement as it is still mistaken for the most dangerous spider in the world. By the way, their bite, which occurs only when there is an absolute threat, is harmless – the pain subsides after a day.

The situation is similar to the house corner spider *. The largest spider lives in the state of Baden-Württemberg and has a wingspan of up to eight centimeters. The animal seeks to get close to people, especially in the fall – right in their premises. Anyone who discovers the non-aggressive large, eight-legged friend should remain calm – and carefully take it outside with a glass. As far as possible, otherwise the house spider will return. Oh, when he’s so pissed, he stings too.

The house spider is the largest native species in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

© H. Bellman / F. Hecker Image Alliance / dpa

When threatened by humans, these spiders defend themselves in biological weapons with a violent poisonous sting

Now, however, it’s getting a bit more violent, because people in Baden-Württemberg are better off keeping their hands off the Mighty Fishing Web Spider*. Or rather the old walls and buildings. why? Because the animal has its own tubular networks at home there. Bite sequence for humans: Pain that can last for several hours—and worse consequences. Twisted fishing spider* can also serve with this – including the diverse spread in Baden-Württemberg.

However, the nurse’s thorn toe* is considered the worst spider found in Baden-Württemberg. There is no house spider more poisonous and dangerous to humans. But the following applies here, too: anyone who wanders into clearing deforestation, fallow fields, roadsides, railway embankments, and open biomes, must be mindful of nature—otherwise they may bite a nurse’s finger. The result: fever, poor circulation, dizziness, chills or vomiting.

The most dangerous spider in the world again and again in BW – danger to people’s lives

It is the most dangerous spider in the world and occasionally appears in certain places in Baden-Württemberg: the Brazilian wandering spider.

© G. Kunz / dpa picture alliance

Finally, to an animal that truly deserves to be afraid of humans. Because, as the world’s deadliest spider, it keeps popping up in its homelands. Thanks to globalization, the highly aggressive Brazilian wandering spider *sometimes* ends up in German food retail as the so-called “banana spider”. Because of them, it is necessary to immediately evacuate supermarkets if a spider is seen. If there is a bite, there is a risk of death if there is no immediate antidote. * is an offering from IPPEN MEDIA.

List of rules: © H. Bellmann / F. Hecker Image Alliance / dpa

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