How Fake Is Your Love 2021: Air dates, broadcasts, nominees – all the information about the new show at a glance

Is it true love or perfect love a lie? In the new ProSieben show “How fake your love is” Eight couples want to prove they can “Excellent duo” be. The title also comes with a huge prize money. But be careful, all that glitters is not gold: fake couples mix with real ones to deceive viewers. We will tell you all the important information about the conversion …

when Started “How fake is your love”? Why? World Health Organization Moderate Display? who are they candidates? Broadcast dates, broadcast time and stream – All information at a glance.

How fake is your love: launch, airtime, airtime

.’s starting shot “How fake your love is” fell on September 07 2021. The show is always weekly every Tuesday in 11:55 PM with a new episode ProSieben escape from.

“How Fake Is Your Love” – ​​New Show on ProSieben
© Photo: ProSieben / Julian Essink

How Fake Your Love: Broadcast and Replay

subordinate broadcast service Gwen Will appear “How fake your love is” It also airs every Tuesday at 11:55 PM as a stream.

Whether the broadcast there then Repetition It will be available not yet known.

“How Fake is Your Love”: How does the show work

Who is the ideal husband? Is their love real Can rumors affect the relationship? The candidates agree “How fake your love is” In a difficult love test. Eight couples move to Finca MallorcaTo prove that they are the perfect couple. Those who can convince viewers of their relationship will not only win titles, but also cash prizes.

But appearances can also be deceiving, because not all candidates are in a romantic relationship. What’s called fake husbands mingle with them real husbands And trying to deceive the public. Only those who succeed in faking the perfect love stay in the race to win. Time and time again, couples are tested by challenges. If the pairs can find the fake pairs among themselves, the jackpot increases 10,000 euros full. However, if a real couple is sent home, there is no money.

Anne-Marie Carpendale Hosts “How Fake Is Your Love”

Moderate “How fake your love is” from Anne Marie Karpendale. The announcer was born in 1977 in Hanover Like Anne Marie Warncross. Carpendale grew up in Wins They played theater and piano there as a child. After graduating from high school, she studied there Cologne Business Management A coordinator’s face might sound familiar to some, she works in formats like “Red! Stars, Lifestyle & More” And “harsh” employment ProSieben With. She has been an actress since 2007 Wayne Carpendale Emotional got married in 2013 IbizaFive years later, their son saw the light of day.

About “How Fake Is Your Love,” the presenter says it’s a special adventure for the couple. because it arrives Mallorca She has been introduced to unique, colorful and unusual love stories and she really enjoys guessing. She also finds it interesting that the viewer himself becomes a detective and wonders if he will be able to distinguish fake couples from real ones. Her husband is on the mediator side like this, because her husband talks and comments on “How Fake Is Your Love”. Wayne Carpendale.

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How fake is the love of the contestants: who are the spouses?

Manal couples from “How fake your love is” be:

  • at Lisa (58) and less than twenty years Daniel (38) It is opposites that make their relationship.
  • Robin (28) and Valdemar (26) from Dusseldorf went through ups and downs. Former drag queen Robin knows that Valdemar is always on his side.
  • Karoo (28) is Kim (25) The first girlfriend. The Leipzig couple dream of a life together in Paris.
  • Fernando (33) and mine (31) from Dortmund made their great love visible to everyone with a partner tattoo.

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