LAST MOMENT: These 15 adorable Easter gifts will surely make your kids happy

Easter gifts for kids
Great ideas for all ages

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Easter gifts for kids are twice the fun. Aside from their delight at the gift itself, the sparkle in children’s eyes when they successfully search for Easter eggs is what inspires us adults. We have put together many great gift ideas for you.

It’s not always easy to find Easter gifts for kids – after all, you’re once again spoiled for choice. To make your decision a little easier, we have handpicked several great gift ideas for you.

Easter gifts for kids: 15 cool ideas

Kids love gifts all year round, that’s for sure. After Christmas and birthdays, parents and families use Easter to give younger family members a special treat. An Easter gift for kids doesn’t have to be particularly big. Everything is allowed, from a small game to go outside, and a book to browse together, to a board game for the whole family. Add a pair of colorful chocolate Easter eggs and you’re done!

Depending on how old your child or children are and what their interests are, individual selection is of course required. How about one of these ideas?

outdoor pursuits

With Easter just around the corner, many are switching off the weather app more often. Easter egg hunting is more fun outdoors. The need to go out continues in the weeks after Easter. Everything is more beautiful when you receive a gift for outdoor activities on Easter and you can really enjoy it. Depending on the age of the child, it can be an Easter gift sidewalk chalkAnd skateboards Straight. Inline skates Or a digging set with a sand bucket, shovel, and mould.

Do you have your own garden? How about a little swing? What’s called swinging nest Suitable for many age groups and can also be attached to a stable branch if needed. This is a great way to breathe the fresh spring air into your face.

Various wooden toys are also perfect as Easter gifts for children. For the little ones, for example, it could be a file Episode toss game He is.

Older kids (and you) are sure to enjoy the popularity Vikings game (also called kubb). Two teams are formed and wooden blocks (pawns) are placed opposite each other at equal distances. Now the opposing pawns must be hit with sticks until only the king stands.

Board games for the whole family

Do you and your child share an enthusiasm for board games or card games? Do you enjoy spending time together at home? Then you can make your whole family and yourself happy with this Easter gift for kids. Especially when your child is a little older, there are a plethora of games that you can play together.

classic like “monopoly” or “man don’t eat”We don’t need to recommend it anymore (but we do). But other games that may have been forgotten are just as fun today as they were in the past. For example, how about a tour? “Skip Bo”? The funny card game not only trains tactical thinking and foresight, but also allows for alliances between players and thus ensures a lot of (shaden) joy.

With young children you can be in a party “The Mole and His Favorite Game” Good way to pass the time. According to Ravensburger, the game is only suitable for children 4 years of age and older. However, many buyers reported that they played the game with younger children.

Of course, the popular Lotti Karotti is a great Easter gift for kids thanks to the cute bunnies characters. However, there are also all Peppa Pig fans Variant “Peppa Twist”. Who will be the first to join Peppa on the hill? The race begins.

Off the board and card games are also available “Cyclone” or “Looping Louie” at. Or how about the skill game “Jinja”? They are kept in many bright rainbow colors wobbly toweras the game is also called, especially in a good mood.

Books and radio plays with Easter stories

It doesn’t matter if your child likes to pull off with his Toniebox and a radio play, read a book with you or likes to draw – at Easter there can be a corresponding story with an objective reference, right? For example, is your child a fan of Kony? Then this book will be My Friend Connie – Easter Drawing Board The right Easter gift. The book offers coloring, gameplay and puzzles all in one.

hidden thing book “Find things” It will surely keep your child occupied for longer than just the Easter holiday. With pictures from the kindergarten areas, shop, weekly market and many more, the book should give your child a lot of fun.

Many other Easter stories are equipped not only with beautiful stories, but also with loving graphics. something like this Great Easter Picture Book Treasure. It will delight children from four to six years old.

If you need more gift ideas or inspiration for other small Easter gifts, take a look at our guide. There you will find many tips on christening gifts for girls or the question: “What to give when you move to live?”.

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