Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’: This Is How Ridiculous The Dating Show Is

Netflix dating show
They get engaged without seeing each other: “Love is blind” is so absurd

The moment just before the engaged couple meet for the first time in the movie ‘Love Makes Blind’.

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In addition to the linear TV channels, Netflix is ​​now trying to date reality shows. And with “Love Makes You Blind” it goes a step further on the scale of the absurd.

As a spectator, you’ve already seen a lot: bachelors handing out roses, candidates wanting to rob each other’s partners, bachelors getting to know each other naked on an island. Netflix also wanted to play the reality dating show game — and with “Love Makes You Blind” presenting one of the year’s most absurd primers.

‘Love Is Blind’ on Netflix: The absurd dating show from the USA

An experiment intended to answer the question: Can two people fall in love and swear eternal loyalty to each other without seeing their partner? In order to find out exactly that, men and women are separated from each other in “Love Makes You Blind”. They gradually get to know each other in so-called “pods” during conversations. The “pods” are small rooms furnished with sofas. A man and a woman are talking, there is a divider between the two rooms.


The “horns” in “Love is Blind”: the man sits on the left and the woman on the right. spacer between them.

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But it gets more and more ridiculous. Because instead of just getting to know each other “blindly” and perhaps developing an interest, American candidates go further: after just a few days and a few conversations, some solemnly swear great love and eternal loyalty, talk about “until death do us part” and propose to each other some. The weddings will take place four weeks after they met. truly.

Crying marriage proposals

Candidate Damien breaks down in tears in his ‘capsule’ and gives his man of choice, Venezuelan Giannina, his tie across the septum – and of course himself at the same time. The world knows Cameron after only a few conversations that Lauren is the woman for him. Fortunately, Lauren is feeling the same way. The three magical words “I love you” fall within a very short period of time. Barnett, who perfectly embodies the role of the masculine man, must choose between three women, eventually seeing true love in ex-soldier Amber. 24-year-old Mark is married to 34-year-old Jessica, who originally wanted to marry Barnett but turned her down. Mark immediately falls in love and asks Jessica for her hand. Please note: the newly engaged have not yet seen each other.

Couples are only allowed to meet after kneeling on one side of the parapet. And to take the experience to the extreme, we go on vacation together to Mexico. All couples will be accommodated in the same resort. Giannina revealed to her fiancé Damien on the first night that she had not had sex in 435 days. I calculated that. “On day 325,” she told him, “I went to the beach to remember being slapped on my ass.” Through the waves? Damian wants to know. “Exactly. Through the waves,” she confirms, and at least in Giannina’s case, it should now be clear to the viewer why she said yes to Damien so quickly.

In Mexico, couples get to know each other better

While some couples get along better and better on their first vacation together, others quarrel instantly. Unsurprisingly. Carlton and Diamond get involved in an epic poolside altercation while Jessica begins to realize Mark isn’t really her type. “How I feel about Mark is not the way I want to feel about my fiancé,” she admits. Oh what, one would like to answer.

Between stumbling, binge drinking, rowdy quarrels and gossip, Netflix keeps showing the wedding countdown. Many memes on the network and audience reactions to “Love Is Blind” are much funnier than what happens on the screen. One user wrote on Twitter: “Love is blind.” Stupid. But I can’t stop watching. Also, Jessica has a drinking problem and Mark deserves better.” And model Chrissy Teigen is also addicted after a few episodes. “I just finished ‘Love Is Blind’ and oh my God, what now,” asks John Legend’s wife.

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Teigen will be able to look forward to another episode. Because it’s not yet clear: Will all couples actually say yes?

The final episode of “Love Makes You Blind” will be released next Thursday, February 27th. on Netflix.

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