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Several Ferrero products were recalled shortly before Easter due to the risk of salmonella infection. Netto and Edeka interact with a strange ad video on Facebook.

Arlon – Several Ferrero products worldwide are affected by the recall* due to the risk of salmonella infection – including in Germany. Easter special sweets, chocolate cakes for children and surprise eggs are affected. Supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl and Rewe offer advice on what to do now because Ferrero products are being recalled. Many are taking candy back, including edica and netto. However, these two supermarkets are also causing discontent among many consumers, especially on Facebook with controversial advertising videos.

Through a Facebook video, Edeka advertises her own version of Gut und Billig’s chocolate cake with the tagline “Guaranteed No Surprises”. This causes a lot of trouble. One user comments: “Very outrageous about Ferrero” One user writes: “Very bad.” Others find the video funny. But Edeka isn’t the only supermarket that has garnered attention online.

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Ferrero recalls products due to salmonella risk: Netto ad video also causes outrage

The discount program Netto uploads a similar advertising video on Facebook and it becomes even better: you can see many chocolate products for Easter. The slogan “No bad surprises, kids!” can be read. Above it – a reference to Kinder Surprise eggs? Critical comments also accumulate under this Facebook post. One Facebook user writes: “I will never go shopping in the network again if I stop such ads on the Internet.” Another user describes the promotional video as “very exciting”.

Because of the risk of salmonella infection, Ferrero remembers many Easter items for children. Children’s chocolate cakes are also affected. © Federico Pestellini / Imago

But that’s not all: some also post photos of the current network brochure in the comments. In the brochure, effective Saturday (April 16, 2022), Ferrero’s Easter products are advertised as “Saturday crackers” – and are halved. This causes dissatisfaction among many consumers due to the risk of salmonella poisoning from consuming Ferrero products.

Even if it’s clear that such brochures are usually printed early, Facebook still demands that an information sheet in the brochure draws attention to the salmonella danger. This requirement does not appear to be unfounded.

Ferrero recall: Three-year-old girl suffers from acute salmonella poisoning

New Zealand Deputy Director-General for Food Safety Vincent Arbuckle has warned that salmonella infection is particularly dangerous for children under five, adults over 65 and people with weakened immune systems. In addition to Europe, New Zealand is now also affected by the recall of many Ferrero products. A three-year-old girl developed acute salmonella poisoning.

Call in Ferrero due to risk of salmonella before Easter, including surprise eggs
Shortly before Easter, Ferrero recalls several products in Germany – including surprise eggs for children. © imago

It is believed that Ferrero has known about the danger of salmonella for a long time. Criticism also comes from the consumer organization Foodwatch. “If such an error occurs, residents should be warned immediately,” Foodwatch’s Andreas Winkler said Friday (April 8, 2022). Personal responsibility and self-monitoring by manufacturers is not enough, there must be “transparency obligations to the authorities so that cases like Ferrero are announced immediately”.

The danger of salmonella with Ferrero products: identification of the prosecutor

It is said that the origin of Ferrero products that came into contact with salmonella was in a factory in Arlon, Belgium. According to Ferrero France, salmonella was found there during an inspection in December 2021. The Belgian factory was closed by order of the authorities, the Belgian news agency and other media reported. Now the Belgian public prosecutor is investigating Ferrero. (dpa/ter/kas/sne) * is an offer by IPPEN.MEDIA.

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