Tinder Experiments: True Love or One Night Stand?

Tinder is the talk of the town as a dating app. But can you really find a partner with it or is the app only suitable for quick one-night stands?

Almost everyone has installed the Tinder app at some point in their life. Whether out of serious intentions to get to know someone or out of curiosity. Experiences with application vary widely. This is mostly due to the personal reasons that led people to sign up for Tinder. Because a certain interest group seems to be more successful on Tinder than others: unofficial data.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps of our time. However, their reputation is often close to their popularity. It is often described as a superficial sexual application, and a gathering place for perverts and cheaters. In fact, even network tests that rate Tinder as relatively good acknowledge that the app is somewhat unsuitable for targeted partner search. And that’s despite the fact that the flirty platform makes a very serious impression.

Why Tinder?

In the digital age, many aspects of daily life occur online. As social platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Co. Networking opportunities, Xing and LinkedIn help with job searches and artists earnestly sharing their creative progress on YouTube. Online dating is simply part of it as a virtual place to meet singles.

On the other hand, this dating concept is popular because it is easier and less complicated than constantly burdening one with small offline conversations to establish a connection. On the other hand, according to the latest studies, the number of singles has also risen sharply. With the abundance of potential partners, you should get a good overview before choosing. It is easier to do it online. Singles are also becoming more selective in their choice of partner. Interests must coincide, ideas and worldviews must harmonize perfectly, in short, the chemistry must be right.

Now, not all singles are unhappy without a partner these days. Many also stay alone because they want to. Casual dating has grown in popularity in recent years. He is only publicly dated for sex. Although the number of supporters of this dating style has declined again since then, the web is still full of people willing to flirt who don’t want commitment but are just looking for a one-night stand. Tinder works great. Many understand this on their profile as “I feel like it,” making time-consuming introductory conversations unnecessary.

If you’d prefer a little more agreement, dating sites like Tinder also offer a wide range of options and preferences. From hobbies to profession and educational level, a lot can be specified in a profile mask, which helps when comparing interests. You can even link your account to other services like Spotify music platform or Instagram photo platform, thus further sharpening your hobby profile and interests.

Data after matching – opportunities and risks

The dating site matching system works in two different ways. One option is the “swipe or like” feature which is also central to Tinder, where you can either rate photo suggestions positively or reject them anonymously. Suggesting a contact only learns something about your rating if you’re interested.

It sure comes in handy if you get regional flirt suggestions and you can meet up without any issues. But the anonymity of online dating soon disappeared. A real break with the golden rule of online dating which states to protect yourself, and never reveal too much about yourself. In this case, the combination of facial and location details is especially popular among stalkers and can even affect your reputation if you choose clumsy personal details.

A few minutes after logging in, you will be shown to other users. If you scroll hard, the match will happen quickly for sure. With Tinder, you can quickly arrange a date in your area and meet interesting singles. Of course, you don’t have to meet your match right away. It is often advisable to chat a bit more to see if you are interested in each other beyond appearances. Don’t settle for a quick meeting if you don’t feel good about it, but take the time you need to meet someone.

Tinder audience – who’s looking here?

Singles who are actually looking for something more than a little on-demand erotica are often left behind in the fast-moving world of online dating. A real dilemma, because while some cling to romantic ideals like love and fidelity, others feel completely comfortable in the casual dating pool. Why commit yourself and put in the effort in terms of romance when you can have sex without any commitment? Anyone who doesn’t join is either nervous or old fashioned. So some loyal spirits try it out, at least for a while, until they realize that their romantic feelings can’t be killed after all. This leads to communication problems and broken hearts when flirting online.

Tinder is no different. The platform itself is not to blame for this, rather the relevant audience, who chose the dating app as a kind of non-binding playing field, should be blamed. The platform’s user statistics speak for themselves:

  • Tinder has nearly 50 million users worldwide and produces about 12 million matches per day
  • However, only 54 percent of users are unmarried
  • On the other hand, 30 percent are married, and at least 12 percent are in a relationship
  • Also interesting: 38 percent of users are under 24 years old
  • Another 45 percent are between the ages of 25 and 34

As of March 2019 | Source: Visualistan.com

So the young savages. If you then look at the gender distribution in addition to these numbers, which show a male user share of 67.8 percent, one thing quickly becomes clear: There are an above-average number of guys on Tinder who aren’t quite specific about them. loyalty. In addition, men seek sexual relations or non-committal relationships more than women. With only 32.2 percent of women on display, there are also plenty of hits to get the trick.

“Let’s see what happens.” , “You don’t want to commit ahead of time.” , “Can’t we take it easy?” The gentlemen who made Tinder are quite creative in order to keep the casual backdoor open. Very few people play open cards here. If there are nasty online dating scams like fishing, it becomes relatively difficult for the female gender to find an honest flirting partner on Tinder.

Conclusion: Tinder is not for everyone

Looking at the stats, the single women who signed up for Tinder to find love are off to a rough start. It gets worse when they are past the average lifespan of 25-30 years. And even guys looking for something solid will rarely find it on Tinder. Women with good intentions shy away from the app, afraid of immoral shows, so core content predicts casual acquaintances and casual sex. Tinder is not a treasure trove of true love.

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