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Aids such as drones, live traps, wildlife cameras and a six-meter wildlife rescue crew are used for elk rescue and animal security, such as Günther Wolf, Christof Schaefer, Astrid Wolf, Christian Schwabe and Brigitte Orband of the Kempf Foundation, Uwe Erchen, Head of Show Ramona Koller, Treasurer Gabriel Skodczyk, Dagmar Berhler, Florian Weiner and Marcel Muller (from left). © Christine Feuerbach

TierSchutzEngel RheinMain is active in animal protection and nail rescue. They help wildlife in distress or find lost pets.

Two teams merged into one club last year. It is the fake rescue operation in Bad Vilbel, which has been around since the beginning of 2019, and the Animal Protection in Frankfurt/Main-Rhein-Main/Hess, which has been active since the end of 2016.

Both animal protection groups have been working together saving antelopes for three years, but as private groups, with no formal legal background, Marcel Muller told. The newly established association operates under the name “TierSchutzEngel RheinMain e. V. – Protecting the animal and saving the antelope «. Members come from Bad Vilbel, Karben, Bad Homburg and Frankfurt.

25 missions for fawn

The tripartite board consists of Chairperson Ramona Kohler, Vice President Christian Schwab, and Treasurer Gabriel Skodczyk. Astrid Wolf is responsible for planning the antelope rescue, Ramona Koller is responsible for animal protection and Marcel Muller is responsible for journalistic work.

In order to save the elk from being killed by the mower and to be able to hunt down escaped animals such as dogs, cats or others and return them to their owners, the members of the volunteer association depend on technical assistance. A look at the statistics alone shows how important this help is when it comes to elk rescue. Each spring, more than 80,000 elk fall victim to shearing in Germany. “We support fishermen and farmers who are looking for flowers in the meadows. Antelopes are hard to find in tall grass and can easily be missed when searching on foot. Last year, we had 25 missions and were able to save 50 shadows and other animals,” Astrid Wolf reported.

In search of cows well hidden in tall grass or grain, rescuers regularly use a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera between May and June before sunrise. At this time, it is best to familiarize yourself with the heat signature of flowers, members know.

With drones, larger areas can be flown in a short time. Rescue team members obtained a pilot’s license for this purpose. Fawns have not yet developed the instinct to flee in their first two weeks of life. They stay where their mother puts them. Young elk are odorless and equipped with a strong instinct to bend over and not flee when threatened. As a result, they are quite protected from predators, but the mower can still catch them.

Another drone Sold

In addition to drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras, an electronic wildlife rescue stick, which can be extended up to six meters and is equipped with six temperature sensors, is also used under the trees. “Once the antelope is found, it is taken to safety and the farmer can mow it.” With a donation of 6,500 euros from the “Fritz and Elisabeth Kempf Foundation” operated by Frankfurter Sparks, the association was able to offer another one in January 2022 for the purchase of the drones.

TierSchutzEngel RheinMain also relies on the use of hardware for animal protection. This includes two large dog traps costing 1,600 euros, a kennel and wildebeest trap and live cameras to monitor feeding stations, a fishing rod, and a NetGun where a net is launched in order to be able to catch the animals without getting injured.

Thanks to the equipment, 350 escaped animals were rescued last year. » We help distressed wild animals, lost pets and by surveying found animals. In addition, owners are advised and the safest way to recover their animals is discussed. If fleeing animals are not coming back on their own, Animal Protection Angels RheinMain assists with flyers, setting up live traps and cameras, setting scent trails, and following up on seeing information or using search dogs.

All duties are voluntary. Members of the association are pleased with new and active members, as well as in-kind and money donations. Information about the association is available at www.TierSchutzEngelRheinMain.de

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