11 of the most poisonous animals that live in Germany

Updated: 04/13/2022 – 13:30

In gardens and water bodies
Warning: These 11 poisonous animals live in Germany

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Do you know the poisonous animals that live in Germany?

Wasps, bees and hornets have a venomous sting and can be dangerous to us on hot days. However, the German population is not as dangerous as the animals in Australia. But we also have creatures to watch out for.

Ticks and wasps are among the dangerous animals we encounter every day. But there are much more dangerous creatures. Whether it’s spiders, snakes, or fish – Moreover There are poisonous animals in Germanywhich should rather be avoided.

These 11 venomous animals live in Germany

If you think about Germany, you won’t believe that there are poisonous animals here. But even here we can meet one or another “dangerous” animal.

Our gallery gives you an overview of the animals you should look out for when gardening or on a beach vacation.


Even if they are somewhat harmless: wasp stings can still be annoying and painful. Watch our video to learn how to handle stitch properly.

When gardening, you can not only come across poisonous animals. But some plant species are also dangerous. Some do not allow you to touch it. Stay away from these poisonous garden plants!

In fact, the poisonous plant of 2022 was chosen: it’s our beloved sweet potato!

Also in the apartment there are indoor plants that are poisonous to our pets.

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