An open relationship: show trust or the end?

More and more couples are entering into an open partnership relationship model. How to succeed in a trusting and open relationship in which jealousy and lies do not play any role?

Do I want to share my partner with someone else? Do I want him or her to sleep with an unknown person? any feeling Fires this mind game inside of me? Couples considering an open relationship should ask themselves these questions. We asked ourselves what the rules, definitions, and opportunities entail opening a relationship – and found many answers.

The Basics: What is an Open Relationship?

at open relationship A couple is turning away from monogamy. The relationship model is characterized by the fact that both people have a clear understanding outside the partnership sex may possess. became before Grammar And Circumstances Marked – You define this framework with your partner. It is important that it concerns only purely physical sex, romantic relationships and feelings are not sought. The emotional connection only continues in your romantic relationship.

The difference between open relationship and polygamy

Unlike polygamy, this is limited A relationship that is only open to sexual experiences. when polygamy Can, however, also romantic relationships to be received. There, in addition to sexual activity with other people, feelings and emotional connections are also allowed. Also mostly romantic dates, deep conversations, and anything that creates or could create an emotional connection.

For whom is an open relationship suitable?

relationship can from each pair Openness, which carries desire or sees an open relationship as exciting. A person often enjoys the idea of ​​being away from monogamy for a while before sharing their thoughts with their loved ones.

Usually, people who value bonding and a sense of physical and emotional security in their partnership take the first step Sexually, however, it is not limited to one person would like. An open relationship works for anyone in a partnership too sexual freedom want to enjoy.

How many couples live in an open relationship?, a science project at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Göttingen, was examined in a study with 10,000 men and women. open relationship frequency. In order for the relationship to be considered open, couples had to deal with it to be okThat the other person is sexually active outside the relationship and that too pronunciation. The results of the study showed that one percent The participant was in an open relationship. the interview every hundred pairs.

Are couples in an open relationship happier? The study also examined it and showed that the husbands were infected Not happy or sad As such in monogamous relationships. It’s different with semi-open relationships. Here the relationship is open on one side. join three percent Of study participants it is usually accepted as an emergency. According to the study, couples in this relationship model are less happy because one gives the other person sexual freedom unilaterally out of love or in the hope of salvaging the relationship. She herself is not interested in having sex with other people. For this reason, it is very important in an open relationship that both partners have a sexual interest in the opening of the relationship.

When does it make sense for a couple to open a relationship?

One or both of you are considering opening your relationship. Not out of lack of love, but out of curiosity. Sex is not connected with feelings for you, you can separate sex and love from each other. These details provide a good starting point for considering an open relationship:

  • Ha trusted each other.
  • you have desire to other sexual partners.
  • Are you willing to respect each other’s boundaries and rules respect.
  • you can sex and love separate from each other.
  • You are not trying to do anything with an open relationship rescue.
  • Jealousy and fear of loss It doesn’t matter in your life.
  • emotional loyalty important to you in any case.
  • Your partner is waiting first place.
  • You see the opening of the relationship as fertilization.

How can an open relationship work?

  • trustThe foundation of an open relationship is trust. Anyone who cannot fully trust their partner will not be happy in an open, long-term relationship.
  • honesty: Isn’t an open relationship conducive to cheating? On the contrary, because infidelity is based on lies and secrecy. As an “open” relationship already expresses, needs, desires, and fantasies that you cannot live within a relationship are communicated and discussed openly together. Each couple decides together whether to live outside the relationship.
  • Grammar: An open relationship is not a free ticket to sexual adventures of any kind, as the rules are set together and must be observed to protect the relationship and out of respect for the partner. Otherwise, openness is a lot like an affair. Some couples define taboo sexual practices and practices that should only and exclusively take place in the bedroom at home. How well you want to be informed about the details of the other person’s sexual adventures is up to you.
  • Sincere approval: Do not let yourself be convinced of anything and do not agree to agreements out of love that secretly give you a stomachache. If you have doubts about something for a longer period of time or if you feel uncomfortable until after that, renegotiate the rules of your open relationship. You should feel 100% comfortable agreeing to an open relationship.
  • Regular communication: It may happen that you or your partner wants to redefine the rules after a while. Regular conversations about your open relationship are appropriate for this. You can talk about how you feel, what gray areas you have to explore again after a few weeks or months, or whether you want to get your sexual relationship back to normal. Do not hold back from processing even the smallest details and rearranging them. This strengthens the foundation of an open relationship and emotional loyalty.

What are the rules in an open relationship?

The rules for an open relationship are defined by you. However, in the foreground must always honesty And an agreement stand up. Also so right Rules to change at any timeif the person feels uncomfortable, because the top priority is your partner and your relationship.

Transfer yours to thinkAnd Feelings And Need Clear and unambiguous, because that’s what an open relationship is based on. Sex outside of your romantic relationship should be without feelings. For some people, this is not a problem, others just want intimate moments with their constant partner and can not separate sex and love from each other.

listen to your gut feeling And go on this intimate topic No compromises for love For your partner, because in an open relationship you should Both parties are interested He is. If one person desires sex with others and the other does not, the feelings and fears that arise in the idea should be discussed in depth.

If an open relationship is an option for you and your partner who also wants to have sexual experiences outside of a two-person relationship, you should taboo exposed. This can affect sex in your home or apartment, sexual practicesinstalled week days And how far are you around Inform someone else There may also be people who are not allowed to sleep with them, such as acquaintances, friends, co-workers, or ex-partners.

These rules are only small excerpts. What is important to you is revealed in detail individually in the conversation. Don’t skip a topic, no matter how small. everything and Every little worry It must be clarified before opening the relationship.

Do couples break up in an open relationship more often than in a monogamous relationship?

A questionnaire by the platform to get to know each other dealt with the topic What separates and connects. To do this, they asked 151 men, 247 women, and two non-binary people about their sexual conventions in their relationships. 86.4 percent They were in one monogamous relationshipAnd 9.1 percent at open relationship And 4.5 percent king no sex.

Survey results showed that a Monogamous relationship is neither a danger nor a protective factor for stability represents a relationship. It has not been confirmed that an open relationship is a potential threat to the continued existence of the partnership. However, couples who abstain from sex completely tend to break up more often. The rate of separation is highest after infidelity.

An overview of class rates:

  • Separation after ejaculation: 71.42 percent
  • Separation in a non-sexual relationship: 25%
  • Separation in an open relationship 16.66%
  • Separation in a monogamous relationship: 14.84%

Couples in an open relationship separate compared to couples in a monogamous relationship Often reciprocated. The influence of one or more other sexual partners does not shake the stability of the relationship. It should be noted, however, that this is a very small survey of 330 people and only 30 of them were in an open relationship. However, the trend is clear here.

Surveys, numbers and facts: you should feel good about it

In order for the open relationship to succeed and you realize that the opening of the partnership is enriching, you should not only trust the one you love, but also Having fun with this relationship model to have. It sounds progressive and liberating, but a lot of people are definitely waiting for more talk about the open relationship – and for it to work. The relationship is not opened as an emergency or to save the partnership, as the individual can live without hindrance and without any rules. It’s actually the icing on the cake, it Extra great confidencethat’s so far More contact Provides if desired.

Why not talk about this relationship model together, even if you’re not struggling with it. Do any of you benefitIn theHaving sex with strangers? What is special about the performance? Can you take something away from the conversation for the sake of your sex life? Looking beyond agreements can open closed doors, and possibly let you experience what an open relationship looks like.

Or you will discover that you Sexual exclusivity is the most important Nothing about an open relationship will appeal to you. Each partnership is individual and as special as yours. For some, an open relationship is what they have always longed for, and others have learned through its experience how important teamwork is to them. Love is diverse and changeable, re-forming with each impulse. Whatever changes, think of yourself and your needs first and don’t compromise.

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