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Medical service on call, emergency room, emergency doctor: who is responsible? Darmstadt doctors explain and advise parents.

Helping children in an emergency: There are many facilities in Darmstadt, such as children’s clinics, that parents can turn to.
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Darmstadt – where do you go when the pediatrician is not in office hours – and the child’s symptoms are so severe that you can’t wait until the next working hour? On-call medical service, emergency room, emergency doctor? who is in Charge? We asked Darmstadt institutions and doctors.

The pediatrician is not available, what now?
Outside of office hours, the first point of contact is the Children and Youth Emergency Service (KiNo) at the Children’s Clinic Darmstadt on Dieburger Straße 31. It is best to call 116117 in advance and describe the complaints.

At what times can you find help there?
Wednesdays from 2 pm to 10 pm, Friday from 2 pm to 11 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 11 pm, Sundays from 9 am to 10 pm and public holidays from 9 am to 10 pm.

Important numbers in an emergency

Life threatening patient? Call emergency services (112). Think of the Five Ws: Where? when? how many? What injuries? Do not hang up right away, but wait for inquiries.

Sick during normal business hours? Consult a general practitioner or specialist.

Sick outside work hours? Call 116117 and ask for the nearest on-call medical service center or pediatric emergency service.

Toothache outside office hours? Use the emergency service of the Dental Association for statutory health insurance:

Poison Control Center telephone numbers for acute poisoning cases: 030 19240 (Berlin). 06131 19240 (Mainz).

Insured on the private sector or self-pay? There is also a special emergency medical service for children and adults in Darmstadt at night, on weekends and public holidays. You must pre-register at 0177-2951020.

Why is the Pediatric Emergency Service only available in four days?
Opening hours are set by the Association of statutory health insurance physicians (KV) Hessen in Frankfurt. KV is the representative body for general and specialist practitioners and is responsible for organizing and ensuring outpatient emergency care. The KV also organizes the medical service upon request. Opening hours, staff and medical services are the sole responsibility of KV Hessen, which does not currently plan to expand the emergency service for children.

If a child needs help on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays outside of business hours and the Children’s Emergency Service is unavailable – what do you do next?
In such cases, the on-call medical service center in the hospital premises is responsible for acute illnesses. It is also good to call in advance. Doctors can also be contacted at 116117.

Where can I find a medical on-call center in Darmstadt?
The address is Grafenstraße 9 in Darmstadt. This is also the address of the main entrance to the clinic. But beware: this title is misleading. Access via Bismarckstraße 29 to 37.

When is it better to call an ambulance?
Dr. says. Sebastian Becker, MD, medical director of the Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital in Darmstadt. “So whenever immediate medical help is needed, for example in the event of severe shortness of breath due to an acute asthma attack or impaired consciousness, coma, cardiovascular failure, serious injuries, for example after accidents.”

When is inpatient treatment necessary?
The decision is up to the doctors. General practitioners, pediatricians and doctors on call can issue a referral. The reasons are varied and complex. They range from comprehensive diagnoses, which cannot be done in an outpatient setting, to invasive treatments, operations, and close monitoring.

Why do some patients wait longer and some wait shorter in the pediatric emergency service or in the emergency room?
“In order not to delay treatment or urgent diagnosis due to long waiting times when there are large numbers of patients, priorities are set according to symptoms. This procedure is called triage,” Sebastian Becker explains. “Patients are placed in certain levels of urgency upon their arrival and frequently during Waiting for them.” This means: the sharper the clinical picture, the faster it can be reached. In the future, a screen in the waiting area of ​​the pediatric clinic will show how many patients are waiting and with which group. Then those waiting are told why and how long they should wait. in it”.

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