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What does the rabbit breeding club actually do? Take a look at the breeding facilities. An expert explains what to look for when keeping it.

There is a bit of farm flair in the allotment gardens at Untere Bleiche Memmingen Up in the air. Large chests line a small house. Little nose twitches in the air over the edge of the box. A gray rabbit with soft fur and dark beady eyes leaps away and buries its nose in its food bowl. It smells like a mixture of hay, rabbits and their legacies.

Gray pearl squirrel rabbits jump in Memmingen

Perlfeh is the name for the gray rabbit breed, explains Konstantin Steinhauer. A rabbit breeder works in Memmingen. He estimates he has about 25 animals in his facility this year. He has been breeding this breed for ten years. “I think they’re really beautiful,” he says. His motives for breeding: He wants to present animals in different breeding shows.

Barraffa (small breed):

perfect weight: from 2.50 to 3.25 kg

body shape: Stocky, short, well-rounded body from behind. The head is close to the body. The short ears (9 to 10.5 cm) should be strong.

the color: medium blue-gray

Photo: Ostrid

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“There is the club show, an area that appears in the German championship, which takes place every two years,” says Rainer Knobelich, first president of the local rabbit breeding club.

The goal is to introduce the animals you have raised and get a large number of points with them. 100 is the maximum score, but according to Noblech, it is impossible to achieve in reality. “Out of 97 points, they are excellent animals,” the 64-year-old explains. Rabbits are evaluated in different categories: weight, body shape, fur, color, breed characteristics and condition.

At breed shows, many rabbits will be sold to other breeders. According to the president, other animals will be slaughtered as well. Some specimens transmit reproduction to families. Noblech calls them “playing rabbits.”

Rabbit farming: families should keep this in mind

Breed monitor, Martin Ottie, offers some advice for families who want to have rabbits: “The animals should be fed a variety of hay and greens,” he explains. They also need enough space. According to Ooty, rabbits are social animals, so they should not be kept alone.

Breeders keep 18 plants in the allotment gardens of Untere Bleiche. “The association has about 60 members,” says Rainer Knobelich. About 25 of them are active. The first factory was built in Memmingen in 1964. But the club has plenty of years under its belt: “In three years we will be 120,” says Knoblich, proudly echoing in his voice. It has been there for 33 years.

Rabbit farming – a time-consuming and expensive hobby

“Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer members,” says the chairman. It’s a time consuming hobby – he spends about two hours a day at the breeding facility in the summer and young people in particular are no longer willing to invest a lot of time and money in breeding.

For Knoblich, his balance is in the day-to-day work. “Working in the stable relaxes me.” His 13-year-old granddaughter Emily also actively supports upbringing. “The best part is the bunnies,” she says.

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Chasing chickens next to rabbits

At least six rabbits must be displayed in a club display, as per club rules. Anyone who meets this requirement can rent a breeding facility from the association. In addition to rabbits, Rainer Knoblich also keeps a few chickens by his kennel.

Because soon Easter Holiday Another question arises: why is there really an Easter bunny and no Easter bunny? Breeders believe. “Perhaps because rabbits are aloof,” Rainer Knoblesch guesses with a smile. On the other hand, rabbits are considered herd animals. “Then the rabbit can distribute the eggs undisturbed.”

Tan rabbit (small breed): ideal weight: 2.50 to 3.25 kg Body shape: stocky, cylindrical.  Short head with a broad forehead.  The ideal length of the ears is from 8 to 10 centimeters.  Colour: Brown from belly to chin, under eye circles and nostrils.  The top color is an intense deep black.
Tan rabbit (small breed):

perfect weight: 2.50 to 3.25 kg

body shape: squat, cylindrical body. Short head with a broad forehead. The ideal length of the ears is from 8 to 10 centimeters.

the color: Brown color from belly to chin, under eyes and nostrils. The top color is an intense deep black.

Photo: Ostrid

Rabbit and hare: what’s the difference?

  • sociable rabbits
  • Rabbits have only one or two young, while rabbits have five to eight
  • Baby rabbits open their eyes shortly after birth and are independent very quickly
  • Baby rabbits only open their eyes after twelve days and stay near their mother for three or four weeks
  • Rabbits are smaller and have a chubby build
  • Rabbits have larger, more slender bodies, their legs are more muscular, and they have longer spoons

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