Set up Alexa & Echo-Dot for kids

We’ll show you how to do it Set up Alexa from Amazon for kids can and How to configure Echo-Dot to be child-friendly, eg to play Audible audiobooks. These simple step-by-step instructions will help you set up Alexa in the nursery and show you what you need to know as parents when using the Amazon smart home system: (Update 04/2022)

Alexa for kids

Will Alexa via echo dot Set up to be safe for children, parents can leave their protectors alone with the language assistant without permanent sight. I will be happy audible involved, so Children are looking for an audiobook by themselves And you can play it. When setting up the language assistant, it is essential to use the appropriate components. We explain in detail how to do this in our guide.

Alexa & Echo Dot Checklist for Kids

  • Echo Dot device: You need an Echo Dot, preferably The fourth generationTo be able to use complex security functions and configuration options. It serves as a hub for the voice assistant and is therefore essential for use.
  • Backup Jobs: Choosing the right option is essential when setting up an Echo Dot for a nursery Safety Features. These include, for example, the explicit filter. This only provides child-friendly content, which is important for unsupervised use.
  • audible: To connect to a running Audible accounts Necessary, which ideally belongs to a parent or family. There are many subscriptions that you can get. Here we explain how you can set up Audible for kids.
  • Alexa and Echo Dot can do that Entering the smart home system He is. Here we show you how to set up your Amazon smart home system. You can control other Alexa devices for kids via the Echo Dot. Here you’ll find all the Alexa-compatible devices in 2022 and plenty of smart home tips.

What you need: In order to integrate Alexa into the nursery via a tablet or Echo Dot and to make audiobooks available to your children, you need these subscriptions and technology:

  1. Amazon account (Prime preferred)
  2. Audible subscription (this 30-day trial is enough to try)
  3. Amazon Kids +
  4. Alexa-enabled device

Hardware needed to set up Alexa for kids

Alexa on the Fire HD tablet

In order to be able to set up Alexa in the nursery, you need along with a file echo dot suitable final device. It must be compatible with Alexa app or web dashboard. It is only possible to carry out the setting according to the desired points via the terminal. The Fire HD tablet is more commonly used as the ultimate kid-friendly device. This has a kid friendly interface and the necessary parental control when working with content. You also need a permanent internet connection to access it, since there are no offline configurations possible.

Alexa on the Echo Dot for kids

The Echo Dot (4th generation) is small, handy, and fits easily in a nursery. By playing media content in HD quality, music and audiobooks are quickly becoming an essential part of everyday life. The built-in microphone can be turned off at will, for example for security reasons, without any problems using the microphone off button.

Instructions: Set up Echo Dot for kids

The first step: At first, find a good place in the children’s room, for example a shelf or shelf writing desk. Ideally, the Echo Dot is positioned so that it is always at hand. The Echo Dot is activated via the Alexa app and children’s profiles can be created.

The second step: After setting, you must explicit filter Switch through the settings in the “Music and Podcasts” submenu. The feature filters the results to be kid friendly. After that you should use the account settings Turn off audio purchase, so that your children do not order anything by mistake. These are the basic security options so that there are no problems during use.

The third step: Once you set up the Echo Dot, all you have to do is Activate Audible. Fortunately, this process is very easy and does not require prior technical knowledge. Once the account is created and signed up, go to “My Audible Subscription” within your account. There you can connect your Audible account to your Amazon account. Follow the onscreen instructions and voila. Audible can now be used via Alexa.

The fourth step: Finally, via “My Content and Devices” within your Amazon account, you must Settings Find and select “Family and Family Library”. This allows you to create Amazon beds that kids can use to access Audible. Within the Family Library, you can then add children, allowing their use via voice commands and Audible availability.

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